e Wei Xiaobei a little confused.

Although the people of Longbo are very big and their blood is as strong as the sea, their souls may not be as strong as their physical bodies. This is just like an elephant, although it is very big, its brain is not as strong as that of a human being.
/Otherwise, the biological level of this people of Long Bo cannot be only the level of four-star terror!
The Soul-Destroying Bell has no effect?
Wei Xiaobei shook the Soul Falling Bell a few more times.
At this time, the people of Long Bo were still putting their hands on the space passage and trying their best to expand it.
Just when Wei Xiaobei was thinking hard to find a way to attract the attention of Long Bo’s people, Long Bo’s people suddenly stopped pulling at the space passage and let out a painful roar.
What’s going on?
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei really didn’t understand why Mao, a fellow Long Bo, suddenly started roaring in pain.
The next moment, the two giant hands pulling at the space passage were retracted into the gray mist. Not long after, Wei Xiaobei felt a cloud above his head. When he looked up, it was the two giant hands falling from the sky towards him. Come down!
Farke! peat! I call you Immortal Banban!
In an instant, Wei Xiaobei probably spat out all the curse words he knew.
How did the people of Long Bo discover themselves?
Of course, at this time, Wei Xiaobei didn’t have too much time to think about it. He pushed his legs off the ground, turned around and ran away, like a rapidly accelerating sports car.
There was a loud noise, and the place where Wei Xiaobei had been turned into a huge pit, and two giant hands smashed into the ground, like two giant pillars holding up the sky.
Then two giant legs lifted up from the ground and chased Wei Xiaobei!
Wei Xiaobei’s speed is naturally not slow.
But the people of Long Bo were in a state of rage at this time, and the speed of running on their two giant legs was no less than that of Wei Xiaobei, or even a little faster than Wei Xiaobei.
Therefore, not long after, Wei Xiaobei, who was running for his life, felt a darkness above his head. He knew something was wrong in his heart, and then he turned and rushed out to the side.
And less than ten meters away from Wei Xiaobei, an extremely huge foot fell down!
There was an earth-shattering explosion, and Wei Xiaobei felt an extremely violent wind blowing from the side. He could not hold on to the ground under his feet, and was blown away by the strong wind in an instant.
The surrounding area was filled with air, and Wei Xiaobei didn’t know how far he flew. After landing on the ground, he immediately lay down on the ground. He chose a direction, bent down on all fours, and quickly climbed out like a spider.
/After Wei Xiaobei climbed out of the dusty place, he was shocked to find that he had left the Cuihu University area and was on an abandoned street, and the Long Bo people had disappeared.
He should have been blown away by the hurricane generated when his feet hit the ground. This breath blew