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The snowy owl immediately descended in mid-air and ran towards the pheasant.
“My marksmanship is not as bad as you said!”
Stumbling along the way, his legs dug into the snow, then he pulled them out and continued walking. Father Han pointed to the northwest and said, “Someone actually spent tens of thousands of dollars just to go there. Climbing Flathead’s snow-capped mountains is a thankless task, and an avalanche will kill you all. On the 3,400-meter-high Kerr Snow Mountain, seven people died in the 13 years I have been here. It’s really boring. , what fun is this.”
“People are here to challenge extreme sports. If no one comes to play, then why open a resort? In fact, our snow mountain resort can also arrange for people to go to Denker Snow Mountain.”
Han Xuan said intermittently, chest Heaving, holding a stick in hand to support himself.
“Before going up, use a helicopter to circle around it to shake off the loose snow, which can avoid avalanche risks. In the past, they had to go to Flathead Town to rest. It is much closer from Snow Mountain Ranch. We only need to go to the foot of the mountain. Set up a tent as a base camp and ask a tour guide to take them up. It doesn’t cost much. There are many cowboys in the ranch who climb Mount Kerr every year and are very familiar with the roads.” ”
This business can be done! Just pay a sum of money to the park It would be great if the management board could provide one more project to attract tourists. It’s actually not that dangerous if there is no avalanche. I’ll find some professionals to come and help me later, and I’ll also contact the travel company. I’ll be able to ski in the near future. No, I can’t breathe anymore if I rest for a while.”
Dad was lying in the snow, and he immediately sat up when he felt the cold. Lin Hai of Flathead appeared in front of him in the distance, and he said helplessly: “Why is it still so far away?
Jay Sen looked back at the way he came and smiled bitterly, “We have only walked more than 400 meters, and there are still two kilometers left.”
” I applied for an annual membership card to the Western Fitness Club in Augusta Town, but I only went there three or three times. I got distracted. Let’s take a break, cough, cough, cough!”
Father Han pressed his abdomen with his hand, bent down and took a big mouthful. pant.
God was joking. It was about to stop, but now it is getting bigger again. Although it is not as scary as in the morning, it is not too small. When I talk, the snow is stuck in my throat, and I keep coughing.
Han Xuan patted him on the back. He had walked more than half the distance and was about to reach his destination. He said, “Didn’t you rest just now? Walk slowly. Don’t be in a hurry. You have to go back later.”
/Han’s father almost forgot. At this moment, his face suddenly darkened, he looked back towards the way he came, and muttered: “Benjamin should really drive the helicopter back.”
Jason and George looked at each other, looking at them funny. They had hardly used