this time.”

Long Qian nodded and said, “I know, I’m just surprised that Mr. Wei didn’t come in person.”
Yue Ming said: “Actually, I also want to ask, is Master Long really a murderer?”
Normal people would feel embarrassed by Yue Ming’s direct question, but Long Qian said indifferently: “What do you think?”
/Yue Ming pursed his lips and said hesitantly: “I don’t know, I’m not sure, but Mr. Wei has never missed anything.”
Yue Ming really couldn’t be hostile to Long Qian like this, so he was honest with him. He clasped his hands and gritted his teeth and said, “To be honest, Master Long, Mr. Wei and I have been to your hometown.”
Long Qian looked very surprised: “Have you been there? Did you find anything?”
Although Long Qian seemed very nervous, Yue Ming thought this was normal. After all, Long Qian had experienced such a tragedy of family destruction and death, so he would inevitably feel nervous about his past.
Yue Ming said: “We found out that your name was not Long Qian before, but Zhang Qian. We also know that you had a good friend named Cheng at that time, but his whereabouts are unknown, and more than one person died in the fire that year. It’s your parents, and Cheng’s mother.”
Long Qian’s expression changed from nervousness to sadness. He took a sip of red wine. Under the influence of alcohol, tears began to well up in his eyes. He held back the tears that were spinning in his eyes and said with some choking: “Since you can tell me Tell the truth, then I’ll tell you the truth too.”
Yue Ming couldn’t bear to see Long Qian like this, and wanted to say a few words of comfort, but when he heard that Long Qian was going to talk about that past event in person, he gave up the idea and listened carefully to Long Qian’s story.
/Long Qian took another sip of red wine. He needed more alcohol to inspire him to have the courage to speak out about such an unbearable past.
Although Long Qian was still very young when he lived with his parents in Nanjing, his memory was profound. This shows that Long Qian still criticized his father’s history of domestic violence.
Yue Ming interrupted: “So this is the reason why you returned to Yingshan.”
Long Qian nodded and continued: “After returning to Yingshan, under the influence of the new environment, my father really changed. He gave up drinking and magic, and worked in a factory with his mother. As time passed, my father and mother put smiles on their faces again. Those days were really happy. However, unlike my father, although my father gave up magic, I did not give up. I like magic very much and have always felt that my father I looked very cool when I was doing magic, so I started studying magic on my own. One day, when I was practicing magic at home, my father happened to come home from get off work and caught me. He beat me up without any warning. I was I don’t understand why my father suddenly became like this again. After beating me, my father told me the reason. It turned out that my father gave up magic, so he didn’t want me to do it again, and he said