enwu introduce himself: “My name is Wei Renwu, Mr. Yu. It’s our first time meeting you. I’m glad to meet you.”

In China, people who meet for the first time should inevitably shake hands to show respect, but Wei Renwu had no intention of standing up and shaking hands.
Mr. Yu said with some disgust: “Mr. Wei, doesn’t he know that smoking in public places is prohibited in Beijing?”
Mr. Yu laughed and said: “This is an honest statement, I agree.”
Guo Ling was originally nervous when he saw Mr. Yu being dissatisfied with Wei Renwu’s smoking behavior, but seeing that Mr. Yu seemed to have a good impression of Wei Renwu, he said, “This Mr. Wei Renwu is Mr. Quan’s college classmate and also a member of the Chengdu Public Security Department. The criminal investigation consultant hired is a very well-known detective.”
Wei Renwu corrected Guo Ling: “I am not a detective, I am a criminal investigation consultant, but my assistant Yue Ming is a detective.” Wei Renwu took the opportunity to introduce Yue Ming again.
/Yue Ming rubbed the back of his head, a little embarrassed. How dare he call himself a detective in front of so many powerful people.
Mr. Yu had no interest in Yue Ming at all, but he was very interested in Wei Renwu. He said: “Actually, Wei Renwu, I also know you. You have good abilities and are very suitable for our department, but you are becoming more and more famous now.” Loud. You know, our department cannot accept people who are too famous.”
Wei Renwu said leisurely: “Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Yu, but I am not interested in your department.”
The corners of Mr. Yu’s mouth twitched and he said slowly: “It seems that we have talked too much about gossip. Let’s talk about serious matters.”
/Wei Renwu spread his hands and said helplessly: “I’m afraid Mr. Yu will have to issue an order to expel us as soon as he talks about this matter.”
Mr. Yu smiled and said, “You are right. Now that we have taken over this case, you can go home.”
Quan Kai said urgently: “Mr. Yu, I need to bear part of the responsibility for the scepter being stolen this time, so please let me continue to participate in this case.”
Mr. Yu shook his head and said: “That’s not possible. The work of our department is confidential. You can ask for outsiders to assist you during research, but during operations, outsiders are absolutely not allowed to exist. Therefore, Detective Quan, I can only apologize to you. ”
At this time, Wei Renwu said easily: “Mr. Yu, I have different opinions from Quan Kai. I won’t say that I want to help you solve this case. What I want to say is, please just play in the mud while this case is solved.” Just leave it to me.”
When Wei Renwu said this, everyone was shocked. Wei Renwu openly provoked the people of the “Ministry of National Security”. This was really bold and arrogant.
When everyone was waiting for Mr. Yu to get angry, Mr. Yu unexpectedly burst into laughter. He smiled and said: “Wei Renwu, Wei Renwu, you are really fearless, just like your father.”
“Oh? Mr. Yu still knows my father?” Wei R