help but sigh.

It hurts to think about it, but I can’t get my hands on such a treasure! Heartbreaking indeed!
But Ge Datian then comforted Wei Xiaobei with a smile: “It’s okay. If I take a further step in my divine status and am promoted to Thunder God and Lightning Mother, Feng Boyu Master or Xizhen, or Lake God, I can borrow the earth-suppressing incense burner.” Come and use it for you.”
Wei Xiaobei’s attention was completely attracted by the last sentence. Lend me the Zhendi incense burner?
“How can we take the divine position a step further?”
Wei Xiaobei immediately became excited. There was no doubt that if he could borrow the earth-suppressing incense burner, there would be too many benefits.
At least there won’t be a shortage of spiritual rice and other things for cooking treasures and immortal products.
Wei Xiaobei now knows that if you want to cook a fairy-level dish, you need to mix a variety of precious ingredients. Of course, luck is also required. The problem is that if you don’t even have the ingredients, there is no need to mention anything.
“If you want to advance to the divine position, you must meet two conditions.”
Seeing that Wei Xiaobei was interested, Ge Datian couldn’t help but smile and stretched out two fingers, as if he was listening to what I was saying slowly.
It turns out that if this meritorious deity wants to be promoted to the upper level of the divine status, he first needs to build a temple and enshrine his statue in it to condense the incense. Therefore, the incense naturally needs to be stronger. The second is Need twenty immortal dishes!
After the temple is built, it cannot be left alone. It needs to be well maintained to prevent monsters from destroying it. In addition, it needs to have pilgrims!
In the gray world, this thing is simply impossible!
But Wei Xiaobei suddenly had a realization in his mind and began to think about it. There was no doubt that in the gray world, this thing was impossible.
But what if it were changed to reality?
Wei Xiaobei asked Ge Datian hesitantly: “Old man, you should know where I come from, right?”
“I know, tell me if you have anything to say! After I’ve taken care of you here, I still have urgent things to do.” Ge Datian kept talking about me at this time. From this, it can be seen that even a god, even a person Damn it, once you get promoted, your tone will be different from before.
/Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but complain. After a long time, he got trapped by the old man. He was obviously helping him to advance to the divine position, but now it was as if he was begging the other person.
But Wei Xiaobei had no choice but to give it up. You must know that this person and one god have made a talisman of life and death. This Ge Datian is so powerful, and he seems to be able to get a lot of benefits, such as the land-suppressing power just mentioned. incense burner.
As soon as Wei Xiaobei explained the matter, Ge Datian nodded hastily in agreement, as if he was waiting for Wei Xiaobei here.
Twenty immortal dishes.
This is not a s