ural weapon with the long bow, Ren Zhen is a natural weapon with the violin, Valkyrie is the two-handed heavy sword, and as for the little girl, her name is Stana , although she also has a rapier as a natural weapon, she is not a combatant. According to her, she has never participated in a battle even in Valkyrie’s team.

But it doesn’t matter. Although this team only has a few people, including a living person with no combat effectiveness and a support staff with almost no combat effectiveness, there are three true demon-level powerhouses! Gong Yeyu, Pei Jiao, and Valkyrie, these three are powerful enough to rival any true demon-level ghost!
After everything was taken care of, everyone did not hesitate, and then left the small hall where they were, and began to walk towards one of the four passages in the small hall. However, before leaving the small hall, Valkyrie and Meng Neodymium Chen The two of them made a mark in the small hall at the same time, and they both had the Arabic numeral 0.
Both of these women belong to the extremely beautiful category. Although Valkyrie is indeed slightly more beautiful, and as beautiful as a noble goddess, her face has always been in a state of “muscle necrosis”. To put it nicely, he has an absolutely dead face, while Yu Neodymium is the kind of elf that makes people’s hearts beat. Their smiles and frowns never move people’s hearts, so the two of them are basically on par with each other.
When they saw the marks left by each other, they couldn’t help but glance at each other’s faces. Meng Neochen smiled brightly at Valkyrie, while Valkyrie nodded lightly, neither of them said anything. What, he just hurriedly caught up with the team, as if everything that happened before was just an illusion.
The entire Atlandis fantasy land is composed of passages and small halls or halls. There are four passages in a small hall or hall, and the passages may be long or short. The short one only takes more than ten minutes to go to another. It is located in a small hall or a large hall, and the long one can allow people to walk for four or five hours.
Other than that, the environment is the same. The passage is about seven or eight meters high and more than four or five meters wide, which is enough for vehicles to pass inside. The walls, ceiling, and floor are all made of silver-white metal and green energy circuit concave nests. The composition, at first glance, this environment seems quite novel, but after watching it for a long time, it feels a bit boring, but that’s okay. Even in the passages, you will encounter ghosts and ghosts from time to time, and it won’t feel boring after you start fighting.
(No wonder the difficulty of the fantasy land of the ruins of Atlandis is so high. An ordinary robot ghost has such attack power. If the number of ghosts is not too small, in terms of the quality of the ghosts, it is even more powerful than the fantasy land of Fengdu. Ordinary ghosts are powerful.)
/Pei Jiao secretly compared it in his mind, and was surprised by the difficulty of this fantasy