d the Winged Dragon are not fully powerful, they are not something we can fight against, so we can’t go to Easter Island for the time being.”

Xue Na suddenly interjected: “Actually, we don’t have to face these three demon kings. The ring on Sister Neodymium Chen’s hand is called the Ring of Nibelung. It was the ring of our Three-Eyed Tribe. It is specially made to control the three demon king-level ghosts, and it can also stabilize the soul body so that the soul will not be eroded and controlled by sin. It can be said to be one of the top creations of Runa script. This is made by you, Odin brother. Oh, if I use this ring, I think I can temporarily control the Titan Soldier and the Winged Dragon, but ”
Everyone was very happy to hear that the biggest threat was lifted, but Xue Na’s last words took a turn, and everyone asked almost in unison.
Xue Na smiled bitterly and said: “Didn’t you guess that there was another three-eyed clan who woke up before me? Because the three demon king-level ghosts were sealed in the core of the Lord Nese, although I didn’t know the sky Why would the dragon be controlled by another person and then attack the holder of the core of the main Nether, which is your world government? But what I am sure of is that if the giant god soldier and the winged dragon are still in the main Nether, If it is in the core, then we have this ring in our hands. As long as that three-eyed tribesman appears, it will be impossible for us to control the giant god soldier and the winged dragon. It is very likely that we will lose the ring. At that time After unlocking the seals of the two peak ghosts, what we have to face is not the demon king-level peak ghosts with only partial strength, but the real giant gods and winged dragons.”
Everyone sighed secretly when they heard this, and Pei Jiao nodded and said: “In other words, we must first confirm whether the three-eyed tribesman is in Easter Island, or in other words, confirm whether there is really a three-eyed tribesman. Already?”
/Xue Na nodded affirmatively and said: “Yes, that’s it.”
Yu Neodymium suddenly said from the side: “Well, let’s go to the soul army headquarters in Western Europe. As the soul army headquarters of a continent, I think we can definitely contact Easter Island there. Xue Na, you are not very good at data control. Is it strong? Isn’t it an easy task to use a computer or information connection to find out the status of the people on Easter Island, or the location of the three-eyed tribesman? ”
Speaking of this, Yu Neodymium smiled softly and said: “Besides, after the soul army has been completely wiped out, the headquarters must be the most empty. Going there can also help you know the location of the top leaders of the world government. Isn’t this right? Is it a good place for us to find important information?”
Gong Yeyu was stunned for a moment. He hadn’t paid much attention to other things, but when he heard the words “The World Government’s High Level”, he immediately hugged Yu Neodymium Chen and kissed her fiercely. Th