sed to restart the Soul Army plan, but you must also take a look at the seriousness of the situation. Do you still feel that the situation is still under your control?”

The remaining sixteen people were silent, just sitting there motionless. I don’t know how long it took, but another middle-aged man who looked a little heroic said: “There are still two days until the final decision. Let’s vote again, now let’s deal with the fallen ones attacking from outside first, I propose to activate Easter Island’s primary soul defense system!”
Everyone present said these two words, and then saw them take out a strange talisman from under their necks, and then each pressed the talisman into a depression in front of the table in front of them. In an instant, the whole room was filled with confusion. Pieces of strange light echoed inside.
At the same time, on the ground of Easter Island, at the giant head stone statues that had existed on Easter Island from ancient times, intense white light erupted from the eyes of each giant stone statue, shooting down their eyes. Toward the sky
/“Activate Easter Island’s primary soul defense system!”
Giant stone statues are a kind of prehistoric civilization stone carvings unique to Easter Island. Whether it is the real Easter Island or Easter Island, a tourist destination faked by various governments, there are such huge giant stone statues, but they are only authentic. Just fake.
These real giant stone statues have existed for a very long time, even before the emergence of human beings. Except for a very few people who know that the Atlantis civilization is real, almost all human beings do not know about these giant stone statues. Who made them and what they are used for.
It was only then that the role of these giant stone statues was truly revealed. The eyes of each giant stone statue shot out fierce white light. There were at least thousands of giant stone statues on the island, which turned into countless white rays. White rays of light shot into the air, and what was even more amazing was that these blazing white rays of light did not move in a straight line, but curved and entangled together in mid-air, turning into a large blazing white light curtain and falling towards the entire Easter Island. , in an instant, the entire Easter Island was as bright as day, and then when the light gradually dimmed, everyone found that nothing seemed to have happened. Could it be that such a huge battle was just a deception?
But the few true demon-level powerhouses on Easter Island stared so hard that their eyes almost bulged out. Only they could feel it clearly with their aura field. How could nothing happen? It was obviously a huge change that almost changed the entire Easter Island!
Momentum! To be precise, there is an oppressive force similar to an aura field that exists on the entire Easter Island. This aura field whose will or emotion is indescribable is actually aimed at sin! This is a huge anti-sin aura field. It not only covers the entire Easter