After a panicked search without success, the soldier informed the company commander, who then ordered the sergeant to conduct a head count.

The results of the head count almost made the soldiers explode.
The company originally had a total of 134 people, but the number counted was only 129!
In other words, five soldiers disappeared while searching the town!
Well, after weighing it for a while, the company commander issued an order that he regretted.
Search the town again and be sure to find the missing soldiers!
Of course, the company commander speculated that the missing soldiers might have been killed.
Therefore, the soldiers who entered the town again turned on the safety on their guns.
What shocked these soldiers was that when they entered the town, the barking military dogs seemed to have encountered a strong enemy. They kept making low-pitched roars, and even the last military dog ??struggled desperately to pull the dog leash. After breaking free, he ran out of the town.
The result of entering the town again to search was that there was no result!
Well, if you exclude the five soldiers who disappeared again, there is no result.
After gathering the whole team and counting the number of people again, even the most courageous soldiers did not dare to go near the town at this time.
Various rumors spread among the soldiers.
Some firmly believe that it was assassinated by enemy agents, while others firmly believe that the missing soldiers fell into a trap, but more soldiers believe that this town is occupied by demons!
Most of the soldiers were holding on to the crosses on their chests and kept chanting, as if this could drive away the terrible demon.
The company commander was a little confused and had to report the situation immediately. He was almost scolded by his superiors.
/The battalion commander thought the company commander was joking with him, but fortunately, after the company commander repeated his assurance in the name of his great-grandmother, the battalion commander rushed over and was dumbfounded when he saw the town that suddenly became extremely dilapidated.
Well, anyway, with so many soldiers testifying, the battalion commander could only believe this fact.
But how to deal with this matter, even the battalion commander has nothing to do.
In this way, it is said that the first level of the report was reported. As for how to deal with it later, it depends on the above.
And this company is still required to be stationed here and responsible for the security and search in this area.
Well, upon hearing the news, the soldiers nearly blew up the camp.
Well, even the most daring soldier will feel the pores on his back open and a stream of cold air pouring in when he thinks that the town next to him is so weird, even in this hot summer.
Not to mention thinking about his missing colleagues.
Okay, okay, when this soldier was first captured by Wei Xiaobei, he thought he was going to die like his missing colleagues.
Who would have thought that the one who caught him was not a monster, but