oying! I’m so tired lately.” Liu Qian shook his head, pretending to be depressed.

oying! I’m so tired lately.” Liu Qian shook his head, pretending to be depressed.
/“If it doesn’t work, go to the doctor and ask for some medicine? Your sleep quality is indeed not very good recently.” Anna looked very worried.
“Well, listen to my wife.” Liu Qian turned around and kissed Anna on the cheek.
In the evening, the restaurant has a private room.
“Manager Tian arranged for me to take charge of a small project team in the underground laboratory of Binghu Town. If I do well, I may also be responsible for the laboratory there independently. He asked me to recruit a few people to go with me. I don’t know if you Do you want to come with me? If you do, I will tell you your names.” Brother Jiang Jinyuan said to the people present.
“Congratulations, brother, you finally have the opportunity to be in charge of a laboratory independently! Of course we have to go with you!” Anna immediately answered Jiang Jinyuan.
“That project is related to an ancient ruins. The conditions may be very difficult and even life-threatening at first. You should think about it again,” Jiang Jinyuan reminded everyone.
/“What’s there to consider? We’ll definitely go with you.” Guo Tian looked indifferent.
“Second brother, what do you mean?” Jiang Jinyuan looked at Liu Gan. Liu Gan was the most technically powerful among the six. If he was willing to go, Jiang Jinyuan would have nothing to worry about.
Anna pretended to be casual, but she observed every subtle reaction on Liu Qian’s face from the corner of her eyes. In addition, her younger sister Zhang Mengdi also looked at Liu Qian quietly.
“We six brothers and sisters must not be separated. Since the eldest brother is taking charge there, we naturally have to follow him.” Liu Gan nodded to Jiang Jinyuan.
“Great! After the meeting with Manager Hotan, what I was most worried about was that my second brother didn’t want to come with us. Now I’m relieved! Let’s have a drink tonight to celebrate!” Jiang Jinyuan looked like he heard Liu Gan’s answer. Very happy.
“No! Don’t drink too much. Don’t end up like when you were in college. You drank so much that you didn’t know how long it was. You were trapped in Binghu Town and got into a car accident!” Anna immediately reminded Jiang Jinyuan.
“No! Even if you drink, you can’t leave the laboratory. If you drink in a private room in the cafeteria, no matter how much you drink, you can only go back to the accommodation cabin and sleep.” Guo Tian immediately said something back to Anna.
“No one will think you are mute if you don’t speak!” Anna glared at Guo Tian angrily.
After drinking too much, Jiang Jinyuan looked back with emotion when he recalled his time in college, especially the scene where six people were celebrating their birthdays in Binghu Town, getting on the last bus and getting into a car accident and accidentally entering Sanyu Company.
“Actually, we should thank Sanyu Company. If Sanyu Company hadn’t sent helicopters to rescue us, we would have all turned into zombies or been bitten to death by zombies like