rite and will not be considered a stowaway.

David did not dare to take the Origin Star’s defense system lightly. As the most important planet in the entire interstellar federation, the surrounding satellites alone played a role in security and defense, not to mention that there were many technologies that he was not aware of.
Therefore, he was fully prepared and must complete this entry operation.
When David flew into the atmosphere of the Origin Star, he entered the atmosphere at a very strange position. This position happened to be the farthest from all satellites, which made his chance of being discovered extremely low.
After entering the atmosphere, flames ignited around his body due to rapid friction. The hot flames did not pass into the inside of the golden exoskeleton armor, and even the material of the outer shell did not change at all.
This is the most advanced exoskeleton armor of the Interstellar Federation. How can such heat affect it?
The entire falling process lasted for a long time, but there was not even a warning message on David’s visor, which showed how powerful the golden exoskeleton armor was.
In the middle of the Origin Star’s Tyr Ocean, a large fireball crashed from the sky into the ocean.
/Because he didn’t use any braking or deceleration, David actually collided with the sea. Fortunately, the third-level armor blocked the impact. In addition, the impact with the sea was mostly offset by the sea water, but it didn’t. Take a little damage.
This was also calculated by David. If he hit the ground, he would definitely not be fine. Although he might not die on the spot, the exoskeleton armor would be damaged and he would be severely injured.
In the ocean, David looked at the map on his visor and his current location.
His position was as planned. He needed to move one thousand four hundred kilometers towards the landing place, where his target was the ‘Federal Command’.
David didn’t dare to fly on the Origin Star. Even if he was traveling through the water, he needed to be careful not to be discovered.
Instead of floating up, he dived down, and the jet holes on his body spurted out energy, pushing him to the bottom of the sea.
After reaching the bottom of the sea, he walked close to the bottom of the sea towards his goal 1,400 kilometers away.
In an office in the Origin Star’s Federal Command, Admiral Longfellow looked at the report on the light screen with a gloomy expression.
He had known about the defeat of his elite fleet for a long time, and he was not too angry about the failure at all. With his status, it was not difficult to rebuild an elite fleet.
/The reason why General Longfellow was angry was because of the report in front of him. The report was an investigation into the serial killings of family members of his intelligence organization.
The incident went unnoticed at first, but as time went on, it became clear that the family members of dozens of members of General Longfellow’s military intelligence organization were killed in an act of revenge.
Someone quickly investig