as a little doubtful: He was just a lonely ghost with no power, could he be such a big threat?

as a little doubtful: He was just a lonely ghost with no power, could he be such a big threat?
Now, the facts have proved his guess, but he still feels that it is a bit strange.
But fortunately, he and Pi Duguan had already made a decision when they came. No matter what happened, Ding Qingyao’s advice was to listen – listen if you understand, and listen if you don’t understand.
Kun Shuai, who had been watching with cold eyes, also saw the trick. Are these two groups of people coming after Li Yongsheng?
What she saw was that Ding Jingzhu of Xuannv Palace did not talk to Li Yongsheng very much, but this was one of the basis for her judgment: there must be a tacit understanding between Ding Jingzhu and Li Yongsheng, and they did not want to be known. Do this.
She was absolutely right. In fact, Ding Qingyao was still worried about whether Li Yongsheng would make trouble for her.
You know, when Ding Jingzhu came to the border of Rouran, she was already nakedly fawning over Guanfeng Envoy. Although she claimed that she was passing by accidentally and others might not know, how could the Immortal Envoy herself not know?
What she was betting on was that even though the immortal messenger knew it well, he still wanted to punish Rouran, and she was just surrendering to him.
Fortunately, Li Yongsheng was indeed a qualified watcher. He did not pursue her or show any emotion to her, as if he had met her by chance.
In fact, Li Yongsheng put aside the identity of the Immortal Lord of the Immortal World. He has seen too many people who go to the pole to fawn over, and he has no pressure at all.
After wondering about Li Changsheng, Ding Qingyao began to wonder again: Why does Zhu Erhuan fawn over Li Changsheng so much?
She really didn’t want the third person to know that Li Yongsheng was a watcher – she would not hesitate to take certain measures when necessary.
However, seeing Zhu Zhu and Li Yongsheng chatting and laughing happily, she felt a little entangled in her heart: If I want to deal with Zhu Erhuan, will Guanfeng Envoy be unhappy about it?
Until the time of Hai Zheng, Kun Shuai, who had been a lightbulb, stood up and said that she was going back to the military camp. The military camp had its own rules, that is, as the commander-in-chief of the military, if someone else went back now, she would at least be punished. Twenty army sticks.
/On the contrary, the five hundred imperial guardsmen surrounding this place stayed to continue to defend this group of “rangers”.
With Kun Shuai gone, everyone has to discuss what to do next.
/Li Yongsheng spoke naturally, “Thank you all for coming to help, but I’ll put the ugly words first. We now need to draw up a charter on how to act after entering Rouran. Is there anyone who has not planned to enter Rouran?
” , all want to enter Rouran, including people from the two major palaces at the scene – for the Dao Palace, Rouran really has nothing to avoid, you know, even the dignified Guanfeng envoys dare to enter Rouran.
Given his status, it was a bit arrogant