s of Middle-earth, the Taoist palace will not guard them as tightly as it does against the True God Sect.

s of Middle-earth, the Taoist palace will not guard them as tightly as it does against the True God Sect.
In fact, in Rouran Kingdom, there are still many people who believe in Dao Palace, which is completely different from New Moon Kingdom.
In other words, if Rouran, like the Crescent Moon Kingdom, had fought to the death with the Middle-earth people, it would have been crippled by the Middle-earth people long ago.
China did not conquer Rouran. In addition to some international factors and the fact that Rouran is too barren, there is also a very important reason: the relationship between the two countries has not reached the point of a fight to the death.
Of course, this is because Rouran is relatively weak. Even if all the people are soldiers, they are just a poor little neighbor. When Rouran develops and grows, the relationship with China will have to be repositioned.
/Faced with the question from True Monarch Xianda, Zhang Muzi showed a clear lack of respect. She imitated Ding Qingyao’s tone and said, “I and I, Master Liu, are also here to visit friends.”
This answer was very characteristic of True Monarch Xianda. After the True Lord was stunned for a moment, he laughed angrily, “It seems that you juniors really don’t see me as a venerable person anymore?” The
True Lord cannot take action at will, but he can also take action when he encounters those who are disrespectful to the True Lord. discipline.
“It’s not that I don’t see you as a venerable person in my eyes,” Ding Qinglian also spoke calmly, “but that as a true king, you don’t care about intervening in mortal battles, which makes us feel a bit strange.”
At this moment, the battle in the field has stopped. , both parties took the opportunity to rest and heal quickly, so that he could have a chance to speak.
Xianda Zhenjun glanced at him and then at Ding Jingzhu of Xuannv Palace, frowned and said, “Is your surname also Ding?”
Ding Qinglian nodded proudly, “Exactly, before I came here, Patriarch Xiangshi once said , Xianda Zhenjun, he does things in a very orderly manner, but when I see him now, I can’t understand it.”
Ding Xiangshi and Xianda Zhenjun had a battle thirty years ago, and both sides were injured in the end, and the injuries were not very serious.
There was some grudge between the two, but in that battle, neither side used helpers and fought hard, so it was not considered a grudge, and both knew that the other party acted in a measured way.
/When Xianda Zhenjun heard this, he couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed, but he still spoke without changing his face, “The reason why I took action was just because I was a little curious about this small formation. Have I ever taken action against you?”
This is rude. The earth quibbled. When the people in the formation are released, the Chinese side will undoubtedly lose. Why should he take action again?
However, Zhenjun’s nonsense is not something that just anyone dares to quarrel with.
Although Ding Qinglian was brave, she did not dare to accuse the other party. If sh