Yi’s background. It is most appropriate to take the wife route.

Yi’s background. It is most appropriate to take the wife route.
/An hour later, a message from Zuo Yuxi came over: “He is not a native of Lingyang. Luo Qi took him with him when he came back from Hujiang, and took him with him when he left Lingyang this time. It is said that he is the most trusted person by Luo Qi People, even Luo Yun can’t compare.”
Hujiang, Lingyang, such a loyal subordinate, can definitely be regarded as a confidant, maybe, it is not as simple as a confidant!
Wen Liang’s eyes gradually narrowed, and a brilliant idea took shape in his mind. It was like playing snooker. When you can’t solve it, you might as well give him a gentle push and leave the snooker to the other party to solve.
“Brother Ninth, call Meng Yi to pick him up,” Wen Liang paused and said with a smile, “I hope he is as smart as you said.”
Meng Yi is 1.85 meters tall, looks ordinary, but has bright eyes. A whiff of intelligence. As soon as he entered the room, he was startled by the broken pieces everywhere in the room. Suspense and vigilance flashed in his eyes, but he concealed it immediately, turned around and stood carefully, without saying a word why Luo Qi was lying drunk on the sofa. of unconsciousness.
Naturally, this look couldn’t be concealed from Wen Liang’s vicious eyes, and he became more certain in his heart, saying: “Brother Meng, you…”
“Don’t dare, don’t dare, Mr. Wen just call me Xiao Meng.” Meng Yi looked flattered. In this way, the waist was bent even lower, but the head was lowered, refusing to make eye contact with Wen Liang.
“Oh, do you recognize me?”
“I heard Mr. Luo say that if you want to live well in Qingzhou, you must first be respectful to Mr. An, and secondly, be respectful to Mr. Wen. Otherwise, you will be looking for trouble for yourself. You can’t blame others. .”
Wen Liang smiled slightly and said, “Mr. Luo is being too modest. With his status, I should be respectful to him. Brother Meng, what do you think?”
Meng Yi felt a little twitching in his calf. He knew that Luo Qi Pursuing the inside story of Zhou Jing, looking at today’s posture, he understood that the Dong Chuang incident had happened, and said calmly: “I don’t understand what Mr. Wen means.” “It doesn’t
matter if you don’t understand, it’s just that you, Mr. Luo, drank too much to drown your sorrows. As a result, my body is damaged, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to leave the house for a few days. If you want to know where there is a doctor to treat the disease, you might as well go out and ask for a pulse.”
“Yes, yes, I’ll go find him now, I’ll go find him now.”
/After letting Meng Yi, who was sweating profusely, leave, An Baoqing was confused and said, “Let him go now? I think he must know something, why not arrest him?”
Wen Liang’s eyes changed, hesitating. The embarrassment, confusion, and worry finally turned into perseverance and coldness, and he said: “Let’s wait a moment. In chess, you always have to give people a chance to make a move.”
Su Hai, Wuzhou City.
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