you heard the news just a few days after you came back from the capital?” “

you heard the news just a few days after you came back from the capital?” ”
It’s hard not to hear it. It’s being spread everywhere that Guanshan and Lingyang are fighting fiercely. Several leaders here almost got into a fight.”
Zuo Jing sighed slightly and said, “If the slightest disturbance spreads out, it will go wrong. Some people are not focused on serving the people. They neglect public affairs for private purposes, which will be detrimental in the end. Or the image of the government.”
“Do you think Lingyang Port has a good chance of winning this project?”
“Of the 2 billion investment, 1.3 billion will be uniformly raised and allocated by the Provincial Planning Commission and the Department of Finance, and will be divided into three parts over three years. The period is gradually in place, and the city where it is located will bear another 700 million. The advantage of Lingyang is that it does not lack this money, but the disadvantage is that it does not lack this money.”
Although Zuo Jing did not give a clear answer, Wen Liang understood. Lingyang has developed rapidly in recent years and has become the largest economy in Jiangdong Province. However, in a country that emphasizes common prosperity, those in power often have to consider how to get rich first to drive wealth later and achieve an overall economic breakthrough for the province. Therefore, Lingyang’s advantage has become a disadvantage at this time. It is conceivable that some people will gossip and say some weird things such as “You have to leave a mouthful of soup for others after eating meat” and “You can’t let you take all the benefits.” . Since the Planning Commission and the Finance Department are responsible for the majority of this investment, they have to consider whether a bowl of water should be balanced and cannot ignore the voices of all parties.
This is business and politics!
However, these are not decisive factors. In China, the final decision is made by people. After all, Wu Wenyue is the governor of a province, and the weight of his words cannot be compared with that of Yin Qingquan. If Yu Peidong remains silent, and with the participation of Chen Zongzhi, Gu Shitong, Zhuang Shaoxuan and others, Lingyang is far more likely to get this project. Lower than Guanshan.
Of course Zuo Jing knew this, but he had to fight, he had to fight. If Yu Peidong really resigns next term, whoever can get this big project will have more chips in hand when the term changes, and there will be more hope for further progress!
/“Rather than fighting for food in one pot, it’s better to start a new one.”
Zuo Jing looked at Wen Liang doubtfully, wondering what the meaning of his rambling words was, and said, “Huh?”
“In the final analysis, this cake belongs to the province. On the plate, who eats and who doesn’t, who eats more and who eats less, the palms and backs of your hands are full of meat, there are too many aspects to consider when you are a parent, and it is too complicated. In my opinion, just ignore the province, The city gover