ng, so he didn’t even want to give it to him for free.

I hope she looks beautiful and give her another chance.
Just this once, never happen again.
Yaobi hugged Taisu’s arm, and the latter seemed to be subject to a sealing technique. With a drag, the majestic three-legged golden crow was pulled back into the grass by the nine-tailed fox. There was nothing he could do.
The four shuttles moved slowly along the border. Suddenly spiritual energy surged, and the formation method spread out in complex patterns, hitting the shuttle at the rear.
The black light lit up, the gravity skyrocketed, and the shuttle was caught in the trap and fell hard in the air.
As a glaucoma-eyed earth-type nine-tailed fox, Yaobi is proficient in ambushes. As soon as he succeeds in attacking, he grabs Taisu’s arm and rushes out.
Didn’t pull.
/Thinking about the unfathomable strength of her senior, Yaobi was instantly relieved. Yes, there was no need for her senior to end it personally in an ambush battle of this level. She alone was enough.
It is definitely not a wise move to ambush a human shuttle at the human border. If you are not careful, you will risk losing money, let alone rescuing your fellow humans.
Yao Bi knew the principle of quick battle. He escaped to the falling shuttle, raised his five fingers, and summoned an earth-based spirit bead, which stunned the pure acquired Wutu power and manifested a huge claw. Smash the shuttle and search for the human monk hiding inside.
Take a dozen hostages first so that you can have bargaining chips in case of failure.
In mid-air, three shuttles gathered together, and a large formation of characters was hurriedly erected.
But after hearing a roar, the nine-tailed fox transformed into a demonic spirit rushed out, swept its long tail, and shot down three shuttles in a row.
/Tai Su looked at it from a distance, and the familiar scene made him fall into reminiscence, and he murmured unconsciously: “Nine-tailed fox, earth spirit beads, claws”
Something is wrong!
He frowned and smoothed over the causes and consequences, and suddenly realized that he was given four shuttles for nothing, which was clearly a dangerous situation that invited you to enter the urn.
There is an ambush!
boom! ! !
The sword light rose into the sky, and a big sword was like a pillar, thrusting straight into the sky.
Tai Su stopped walking away and looked at the sword light and fell into a state of confusion: “It’s flashy and unreal, condensed but not pure. What kind of swordsmanship is it, it’s just bullshit.”
In the brilliance, a figure in white walked out with a smile: “What a fox girl, I have been waiting for you for a long time, and finally I have guarded you.”
Below, Yaobi failed to find a ghost figure in the shuttle. Knowing that he had been tricked, he immediately ran away into the distance without hesitation.
Her voice transmission was too good, her plan had changed, and the human monks were ambushing her, so she left quickly.
[The number you dialed is temporarily unavailable, please call again later]