s for a day would feel like this.

These recruits are not ordinary recruits. Every recruit here is either a soldier, has some kind of specialty, or is a veteran. They are all people who can directly enter the post after arriving in the army.
/This made these new recruits even more difficult to manage, and Lieutenant Hovey was running dry anyway.
David lined up at the back of a team, with only five people in front and seven people behind him. After hearing Lieutenant Hovey’s shout, the team also straightened up.
“Damn it, I’m a Marine, why should I be assigned to a battleship!” A recruiter in front walked out of the registration room and complained loudly.
Many soldiers are like this. They want to be on a battle star instead of being assigned to a battleship.
On the battle star, you can still fight the Zerg, but on the battleship, it is almost impossible to fight the Zerg face to face. The Zerg that can destroy the battleship is not something he can deal with as a soldier.
Especially for soldiers on battleships, it is difficult to achieve any military success.
“Put on your military rank and come over and salute me. Haven’t you learned military salutes since you were a child?” Lieutenant Hovey pointed at the conscript and shouted.
The recruiter wanted to say something more, but after looking at Lieutenant Hovey’s rank, he gave up the idea.
/The conscript put on the military uniform in his hand, pinned a rank of private on the uniform, and then gave a military salute to Lieutenant Hovey.
“Private, don’t tell me your name. I don’t want to know it. You go to the waiting area immediately!” Lieutenant Hovey returned a military salute and stopped what the recruiter wanted to say.
One by one, the recruits entered the registration office, took their military uniforms and ranks, walked out, and then gave a military salute to Lieutenant Hovey. This process continued in a loop.
Although Lieutenant Hovey spoke rudely, when any recruit saluted him, he would return the salute very solemnly.
Finally it was David’s turn. David walked into the registration room. In the room was a terminal connected to the military’s main server.
After David walked in, the scanner in the room began to scan his body, and the body data was entered into the database for analysis.
Once the physical data does not meet the requirements, it will be returned and you will not be able to enter the army.
Of course there was nothing wrong with David’s health. After the scanned data entered the database, David’s information was quickly displayed on the terminal.
The information contained David’s medals and military exploits, including a Silver Star Medal, a Gold Star Medal, accumulated military exploits, and David’s strength. Of course, the ‘Heavy Ax Master’ was missing, only the ‘Sniper Master’ strength was included. They are all criteria for judging what military rank should be given to David.
A line of text appeared on the terminal, and then a set of military uniforms and a box containing military rank insignia arrived on the conveyor belt.