you that day? I can really help you build an unprecedented business empire.”

you that day? I can really help you build an unprecedented business empire.”
Gu Yi looked at me, looked at me Doesn’t it look like the noble person you are destined to meet?
Sun Hao shook his head.
He knew that he had traveled through time, but it was not like he would meet someone like that just by going out for a meal.
This is not the same concept as the previous rich Paul and Ganon Baker. He knew about those people, but Gu Yi, he had never heard of it and could not have heard of it.
When you go out, beware of scams. This is what the police uncle said to him most on TV in his previous life.
“Give me half an hour. Let’s sit down and have a cup of coffee. You can listen to what I have to say first. If not, I won’t bother you again.”
Sun Hao glanced at him and said nothing.
/“20 minutes.”
“10 minutes! Just 10 minutes!”
Sun Hao did not agree in a hurry, but asked a question first.
“Are you really a venture capitalist?”
Gu Yi was stunned for a moment. He seemed not to have expected that Sun Hao would suddenly ask this question.
Sun Hao was waiting for his answer.
“No, but I used to be. I stopped doing it if I didn’t do well. I’m a stockbroker now.”
Gu Yi said as he took out his business card from his pocket.
This time he really took it out.
Sun Hao took a look. This identity, coupled with his image when squatting on the stock exchange, seemed real.
“Tell me, a liar, why should I believe what he says?”
Sun Hao returned the business card to Gu Yi and asked.
Gu Yi was stunned for a moment.
“Let’s go.”
Sun Hao patted him on the shoulder, then turned around and prepared to leave.
“Five minutes, no need to go drink coffee, just here, five minutes.”
Gu Yi said through gritted teeth.
Sun Hao turned around and motioned to him.
“Now you have to register a company with your name, and then immediately contact the endorsement company, and look for the kind that does not have a high endorsement fee, but has a large user base, such as telecommunications and insurance, and all of them sign short-term contracts. Then use those endorsement fees to acquire several small companies, raise funds and go public, and then find an industry you like to build your own brand, such as chain restaurants, retail stores, or even travel companies, etc.” ”
You’d better change it . For example, if you want to move a team to Los Angeles or New York, you can also move to Chicago. You also know that there are not many Chinese in Dallas, so it is difficult for you to receive local endorsements there. This is why so many players want to go to Los Angeles.”
Five In minutes, Gu Yi actually didn’t say much, and his speaking speed wasn’t very fast either.
It can be seen that although time is tight, he focuses on the key points.
When he finished speaking, seeing that Sun Hao did not respond, he then added.
Sun Hao stretched out his hand and rubbed his nose.
To be honest, although what Gu Yi said sounds like there are a lot of flaws in the details, there is nothing wrong with the general direction.