rned to all things at this moment.

rned to all things at this moment.
The curtain of sword light also dissipated at this moment.
Zhao Qingqing was knocked back to her original shape, huddled on the ground, her face expressionless. Her body was still shaking, as if she was still alive. Not far away from her, Dongfang Yun was still standing, with Wangshu Jian still held flat as before. It seemed like she was still alive, but
/as for the others, they had disappeared.
Zhao Qingqing struggled to stand up, “Dongfang Dongfang Yun, I, Zhao, are equally powerful as you,” she said through gritted teeth. However, the unstoppable blood began to gush out from her eyes, ears, nostrils, and mouth, and her orifices were bleeding.
His feet tilted, and Zhao Qingqing fell to the ground again. “Don’t die, don’t be unwilling to succeed before you succeed.” His head shook, his eyes were filled with despair, and he died. After a while, a coquettish purple flame burst out from Zhao Qingqing’s lower abdomen, burning “Puch, Puff, Puff”, and wrapped her body in an instant. Within a few breaths, no bones were left that were burned by the purple flames.
“Damn it!” Zhu Tong slammed his fist on the tree trunk angrily, “All the mechanisms have been exhausted, all your efforts have been in vain! Damn you bitch, I’ll kill you!” Zhu Tong! The person who scolded was naturally Dongfang Yun. With that said, she picked up the katana at her waist and rushed forward to chop Dongfang Yun. She obviously believed that Dongfang Yun, who had unleashed a series of unique moves, was no longer able to resist.
But a hand stopped in front of her. It belonged to Tan Shengge.
/Zhu Tong said coldly: “What do you mean?” Tan Shengge said: “I don’t have a hobby of torturing corpses, and I can’t stand others torturing corpses.” “Dead?” Zhu Tong frowned, he was too angry just now, now A closer look showed that Dongfang Yun was still standing, but she had already lost her breath. “I’m taking advantage of her!” Tan Shengge looked around and saw that dozens of meters in radius had been razed to the ground. It was not difficult to imagine the power of the sword just now and sighed. He said: “She died a worthy and admirable death. Bury her. Don’t let wild beasts destroy such a good body.” From his tone, it seemed that he did not feel sorry for the escape of the others at all.
Bei Dao glanced at Tan Shengge and curled his lips unconsciously.
Zhu Tong said: “If you want to bury her, bury her. I won’t wait. Her sword is quite good.” Tan Shengge suddenly turned his head and looked directly at Zhu Tong, “How dare you touch her?” Zhu Tong and Tan Shengge looked at each other for a while, then sneered. Turn around and leave. Although she was furious, thinking about the current situation, it was better to have one less thing to do than one more thing to do.
“Who!?” Du Jialin suddenly shouted.
“It’s me.” Deng Xudong walked out of the dense forest, covered in blood and so weak that he leaned against the tree trunk with his shoulder before he could stand up. The rest of the people gathered around and as