till whispered “Help”.

till whispered “Help”.
“Ah! Don’t kill me, don’t kill me.” The youngest male disciple broke down and shouted loudly, with tears streaming down his face. He left the team and climbed up the mountain, just like a frightened monkey. However, the next moment, a red arrow nailed him to the mountain, and he shouted “Don’t kill me” before he died.
At this time, Wang Yue suddenly sighed and stopped.
As soon as he stood up, the rest of the people stopped. The last male disciple was still brave and loyal, and he looked as usual on the surface and said, “Master, why did you stop?”
“Master Wang,”
Wang Yue sighed, put Emperor Xian of Han down, and said in a low voice, “You can’t run away because of him. It’s Lu Bu, he’s riding a red rabbit horse.”
Qian Qianqian also held her breath nervously at this time. The second-generation Queen Sakura chuckled and said: “Don’t worry, he said before that he will not kill women.” Qian Qianqian said: “I’m not blind. Could it be that what he just shot was a transvestite?” The second-generation Queen Sakura shrugged and said “You can’t run away if he wants to kill you anyway. Why don’t you stay and see the heroic figure of Lu Bu among men and the red rabbit among horses?”
Qian Qianqian sighed.
There were two “dong dong” sounds, and the sound of hoofbeats seemed to hit everyone’s hearts.
Lu Bu jumped out of the forest on his red rabbit horse and landed on the ground.
“Wang Yue, we meet again.” Lu Bu said in a deep voice.
/Wang Yue raised his fists and said, “General Lu is still as handsome as ever!”
Lu Bu stiffly clasped his fists in return, and then said, “Wang Yue, you deceived His Majesty into being young and weak, tricked His Majesty into leaving the palace, and put His Majesty in danger. Do you know what is going on? Guilty? Hand your majesty over to me quickly. Remembering the kindness of the past, I will plead with my adoptive father for you.”
Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty was about to argue, but Wang Yue patted him on the shoulder, “It’s useless to talk more! It’s all about you and me. It’s all clear, no need to say more. If you want to take His Majesty away, step over my body.” After saying that, he threw Emperor Xian of Han to the last disciple and said: “Fufeng, protect Your Majesty and leave quickly.”
” Let’s go!”
Lü Bu snorted coldly, “You are stubborn and will dig your own grave.”
Wang Yue slowly drew his sword, the Han sword chanted softly, his beard and hair were in pieces, and said: “Lü Bu, you are helping the tyrants to do harm and harming the common people. Today, I, Wang Yue, Even though you are old, I still want to rid the world of you, the unfaithful, unfaithful, unfilial and unkind person who has no father or mother!”