hought that Xianyu could get such a low chance of re-election.”

“With two consecutive championships, is the Triple Crown still far away?”
“I originally wanted to say that you are thinking shit, but based on the common sense of Xianyu, you should keep half of the words before your mouth, so let’s keep this possibility, although the chance of this kind of thing is countless times lower than two consecutive championships.”
“I’m just a crazy fan, and I just want to boast that the day will come when the Fish Dynasty will rule the music scene!”
“Stop talking about this now, haven’t you discovered it yet?”
“What did you find?”
“I have already felt the will of the second in the dark.”
“Isn’t it?”
“King of Feige”
“Again, he”
Then, all the netizens complained!
Lyricist: Neon Dance
Composer: Yin Dong
Vocals: Fei Yang
Forever King of Feige!
Er’s will has quietly arrived!
“Two two two two two two two two!”
When they realized that the will in the dark had arrived, netizens immediately launched the most powerful charge. Fei Yang’s tribe comment area fell almost instantly, and the “two” that filled the screen was truly spectacular.
“My stomach hurts from laughing!”
“I feel sorry for King Fei Ge, please spare him!”
“If it’s two, please go two.”
“I didn’t believe in evil before, but now I believe that there really are two wills!”
“This wave of Xianyu has also been favored by Er’s will. Er, the second consecutive champion, and Er, the ten thousand year old second, actually have the same origin!”
Not just the comment section.
On some original video websites, a large number of ghostly clips about Fei Yang appeared, and netizens recomposed the lyrics based on the melody of “May I Live Longer”.
For example, this one:
In the video, clips of Fei Yang’s previous singing were edited together without any sense of dissonance.
/The happiness of sand sculpture netizens is always so simple.
And all these happiness are based on Fei Yang’s pain.
at this time.
Fei Yang was staring at the comment section of his tribe, with the corner of his mouth twitching slightly.
The assistant next to him coughed lightly:
Fei Yang didn’t speak.
He won his career, but lost his life!
Seeing that Fei Yang was still unhappy, the assistant continued to comfort him:
Fei Yang suddenly stared at the assistant.
The little assistant was startled, and then realized that he had said the wrong thing, and actually used Er’s will in front of Chen Zhiyu.
He thought Fei Yang was going to get angry, but unexpectedly Fei Yang raised his eyebrows and blurted out as if he had seen the dawn:
He was seriously considering whether he should tell the other party that some fish product companies contacted him today and wanted to invite King Fei Ge to endorse him at a sky-high price?
Of course, not all netizens are playing with old memes like “The Will of Two.”
With the popularity of “May People Live Forever”, many in-depth interpretations of this poem have appeared on the Internet.
Someone said:
“What I’m cur