as he was thinking about it, Zhunti seemed to have discovered something, so he obediently asked Lu Bei to go over and take a look.

A few people moved forward again, and among the countless ruins, they saw only half of the Buddha statue left.
The Buddha’s head was not there, and half of his body was chopped into pieces by thunder. He placed it on the palm between his knees, holding a little turbid light.
/Like the remaining candle swaying in the wind, it will be extinguished at any time.
Lu Bei secretly praised, took one step forward, and cautiously leaned toward the light.
But even though he held his breath and concentrated, and was extremely careful with his hands and feet, the turbid light was still extinguished as he approached.
Isn’t this irritating!
Lu Bei was furious. He would not destroy him sooner or later, but he waited until he came.
After a month or two of harmony between man and nature, how could he bear such grievance? He clenched his fist with five fingers and hit the Buddha statue directly.
Not willing to give up.
If you take it back and repair it, the old monk of Xuantian Temple will definitely be willing to pay for it.
He circled around the Buddha statue, with golden light dancing in his eyes, and saw a few lines of small words in the palm of the Buddha’s hand.
/The font was weird. It was neither Daxia ancient script nor demon script. It was the same as the demon script that Tu Yuan was good at.
The four elements are all empty, and all dharmas have the same origin.
With the dust behind our backs and the awakening together, we have the same body of great compassion;
I am empty to prove the Dharma, and I am empty to witness.
The wonderful Dharma of Bodhi is in my dream.
Lu Bei: (一`′一)
It’s a sect and it’s Chen. What about this young monk?
Do you dare to catch him?
Lu Bei looked at the few lines of small characters and fell into deep thought. The so-called Bodhi Dharma, according to the literal meaning, can be interpreted as a wonderful method full of Buddhist wisdom.
It’s even simpler when you’re in a dream, everything is there.
In a nutshell, the wisdom of Buddhism lies in dreaming.
It sounds outrageous, but just looking at the last sentence, it does mean this.
Comprehensive words
The four elements are all empty, the body of great compassion is the same, and the witness of the Dharma
This is all nonsense, can’t you speak more plainly?
Lu Bei didn’t understand it very well, and he didn’t intend to understand it. There was no need. If you had the qualifications, you could do whatever you wanted. He touched a few lines of magic text with his fingertips and waited quietly for his unparalleled qualifications to start to show off.
Nothing happened.
The personal panel said that these were just a few lines of ordinary magic text, and there was no hidden magical power.
“It’s weird, these thieves don’t persuade people to reincarnate, and they start to persuade people to lie down and dream. Even the rules of Buddha are correct. Lying down is not a kind of acceptance