are just ‘guests’ on ‘Sea Shrimp Island B1’, and it is impossible to know more than the ‘master’…”

are just ‘guests’ on ‘Sea Shrimp Island B1’, and it is impossible to know more than the ‘master’…”
“I understand what you mean, Professor Stephen,” Luo Lin pointed to the people gathered around the conference table The youngest woman, “Dr. Donna is a linguistics expert at Cornell University. She once communicated with the natives on this matter.
But unfortunately, the natives on ‘Sea Shrimp B1 Island’ They are stubborn. Apart from taking the exchange items they need, they never want to say anything to us, nor do they want to work for us.” ”
General Luo Lin is right. I have contacted some people in the city who look very good. The embarrassed natives directly felt that they should have come here to take refuge.
But even so, these natives would rather venture out of the city to hunt and barter to maintain their lives. They did not want to talk to me about the situation on the island, let alone Needless to say, doing the simple yet rewarding work for us…” Donna nodded.
/“It’s such a ‘creative’ idea to tame a civilization with just a few pieces of dried fish…” While the linguist was speaking, Zhang Lisheng on the side suddenly murmured rashly.
The sound is neither loud nor quiet. Donna suddenly stopped talking, turned to look at him and asked, “Sir, you seem to have different opinions on what I said?” ”
It’s not that you have different opinions, Doctor, but you feel that the whole thing is going in the wrong direction,” she said. Under the scorching gazes of everyone in the conference room, Zhang Lisheng pondered for a moment and said, “I think that a ‘theologian’ who is proficient in free fighting is far more useful than a ‘linguist’ when communicating with these indigenous people on the island.” ”
Young man, you are not the only smart person in this world. There were many theologians gathered on ‘Ocean Sea B1 Island’. They…
wait, what did you just say?”
“I said ‘a proficient person’ The ‘theologians’ of kickboxing are far more useful than the ‘linguists’. General.
These natives are short and strong, and many of the gods they worship are living monsters, just like our ancestors. Depicting tigers, lions and other beasts as sacrifices on rock paintings.
It is difficult to influence them with empty beliefs. If you want them to truly know how to listen and communicate, what is needed is…” ”
A theologian who is proficient in free fighting ‘…” Luo Lin frowned and murmured: “Not bad young man. You are right, this is a new idea, yes, this is a new idea…” ”
But no matter how good the idea is, it cannot be tested before it is tested. , it’s just an idea.” Seeing that the expected goal was achieved, Zhang Lisheng calmly shook his head and said: “General, we have digressed a little bit.” ”
Yes, we have digressed,” Luo Lin came back to his senses, feeling quite regretful. He sighed and looked carefully at the Chinese young man opposite who looked to be in his teens or twenties, “What’s your name, young man?” ”
/Zhang Lisheng. I am Professor Stephen’s graduate student, General.”
“Zhang Li