Does this old man know what you talk about every day?
Just this sentence, I really don’t know how long it will ruin the old Dragon King’s practice! ”
When the voice fell, without waiting for any more human voices to be heard in the bloody light, when Chu Weiyang raised his hand, seventy-two lunar thunder seals suddenly turned into talismans and hung high in the air, blending in and out. Xuan Lei Canopy.
While the lightning was brewing, this mysterious thunder canopy seemed to be penetrated by the meaning of natural birth and death that Chu Weiyang mastered. When you look carefully, the arcs of lightning crisscrossed through it, and suddenly it seemed to reflect the “Tao Tong” Here’s the rough look of the picture.
Precisely because of the overlapping meanings of natural birth and death, when you look at it again, the mysterious thunder seems to contain the supreme power of annihilating all things in the world!
And this divine power itself is linked to the Feng Shui Dharma Array reflected by the extremely numerous Langhuan seal patterns hanging in the air.
Everything in heaven and earth is natural!
Staying in the Dan Fei realm and delving deeply into the process of physical training, all kinds of pictures were created in Chu Weiyang’s hands. Although their appearance is charming, when it comes to the real thing, they are actually all kinds of ways. In Chu Weiyang’s hands, the law and the law were integrated, sorted out, intertwined and resonated with the shape and quality of its effects.
Therefore, Chu Weiyang became more and more emotional. In addition to the Panwang Sect’s legal system, whether it was sword energy, thunder energy, or earth masters, they all reached the same goal through different paths. All the Taoist techniques were trained to the end, and they were all about refining yin and yang. Qiankun, refining heaven and earth!
/And through this kind of understanding, Chu Weiyang also had some expectations. Maybe in the future, he should start from the circulation of Yin and Yang, Qian and Kun, and heaven and earth.
And even the Panwang Sect’s legal tradition, after careful consideration, is not Yin and Yang, but the way of the Five Elements. It can be evolved to the end, and the Five Elements are the world, and it is also between the universe, heaven and earth.
The method of opening the sky, the method of opening the sky.
In the past, when I escaped from Jianzong’s Demonic Cave, I had heard Ma Sandong talk about the method of opening the sky. That was at the very end of my cultivation. Looking back now, these three words “the method of opening the sky” actually sounded like This is the road that has cleared all the hurdles on the path of spiritual practice!
Although the moment of enlightenment has not yet taught Chu Weiyang to be able to completely blend the various sects’ methods, the insight into the principles has always been the most difficult step. With only this step of understanding, even if there are still some skills in the techniques, There has been no progress, but after the vario