at all. Only occasionally some vehicles equipped with anti-skid tires drive quickly through the middle of the road.

at all. Only occasionally some vehicles equipped with anti-skid tires drive quickly through the middle of the road.
Maybe this is a newly built residential property that hasn’t been sold yet? And it was still too early, so it was not surprising that there were no pedestrians on the roadside.
Not long after, an empty taxi appeared at the intersection, and everyone waved their hands to stop it. Qianzhou, Jiang Jinyuan, Guo Tian, ??and Zhang Mengdi rushed to get in first, while Liu Gan stood on the roadside in a daze. , Anna originally wanted to grab him, but when she saw Liu Qian didn’t move, she hesitated to stay.
“Second brother and second sister, why don’t you sit down for a while! Just in time to talk about intimacy!” Guo Tian stuck his head out of the car window and made a face at Anna.
Anna flew up and kicked up the snow on the ground, but unexpectedly she lost her balance and fell down on her back.
Liu Qian quickly reached out and cupped Anna’s butt and helped her up. He felt that the place he touched was wrong. After straightening Anna’s body, he quickly retracted his hand.
“Thank you.” Anna’s blush reached the root of her neck, but her eyes when looking at Liu Qian were filled with a different kind of look.
“It’s okay.” Liu Qian quickly turned his head and pretended to look at the car in the middle of the road.
“The second brother touched the second sister’s butt just now.” Guo Tian reported to the others in the car.
/“Stop talking nonsense!” Qianzhou hit Guo Tian on the head.
“I’m not talking nonsense! It’s true! If I talk nonsense, my balls will hurt for the rest of my life!” Guo Tian immediately swore and cursed.
“You already have a pain in the balls,” everyone said back to Guo Tian.
After Qianzhou and his taxi left, Liu Qian and Anna continued to wait at the intersection. Not long after, the two of them arrived at an empty taxi. After stopping, they got in and asked the driver to take them back to the academy.
“Second brother, what are you thinking about?” Anna approached Liu Gan and asked him with a blushing face.
“Don’t you remember what happened last night?” Liu Gan replied to Anna.
“What happened?”
“Forget it.” Liu Qian shook her head. Her head was cracked like that. It was strange that she could remember it.
Anna pouted, glanced at Liu Gan outside the car window, pretended to be sleepy and sat on the back of the chair, then secretly moved to Liu Gan’s side, then moved again and finally leaned on Liu Gan’s shoulder , then he showed a happy smile and fell asleep.
The ‘hospital’ is not too far from the university where they go to school. It only takes about 20 minutes to get there by taxi. After arriving near the college, there are more vehicles and pedestrians on the street, most of them are in a hurry. People getting ready for work.
Anna patted her chest after getting off the car. Seeing the familiar college and the students studying and exercising early in the college, it seemed as if she had gone to hell and then returned to the human world.
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