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wer gardening company.
At this year’s Two Sessions, President Jiang elevated “going global” to a strategic level.
The Comprehensive Department of the State Planning Commission, the Foreign Investment Department, the Foreign Economic Department of the State Economic and Trade Commission, the National Information Center, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, the Development Research Center of the State Council, plus some super companies with national prefixes and experts from various universities including Huaqing University and Beijing University professor.
There were intense discussions on how to grasp the changing trends of the international environment, how to correctly identify the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese enterprises, how to learn from foreign advanced experience, and how government policies should support enterprises’ overseas investments.
Of course, this number does not include those gray channels.
“Going out is of great significance!”
“Who should go out first. State or private?”
“Clear the six relationships.”
“Government policy: how to support going out?”
What is more interesting is that all the high-ranking officials attending the meeting We would never have thought that while this high-level meeting was going on, there was another country on the other side of the strait. A strange person took his strange company, and in a jaw-dropping way, step by step… The goal is to open up the market of island countries.
During the entire process, this person and this company did not use a penny of the country’s foreign exchange.
When this meeting that affected the national strategy ended, Zhao Song of SOD Co., Ltd., who was far away in the island country, walked out with a tired look on his face, accompanied by Takahashi Masaya.
/This interview between the two lasted six hours.
He and Takahashi Masaya nodded, and Zhao Song walked into the rest room where Fu Jianxing and others were.
“Boss,” Fu Jianxing, Zhao Lei and Lawyer Tong all came forward with concern, “How’s it going?”
Holding the handbag tightly in his arms, Zhao Song nodded bitterly, “I’ve almost taken out all of it, okay?” Talk!”
“Can everything be discussed?” Zhao Lei looked at Zhao Song incredulously. He knew the purpose of coming here today. It can be said that Zhao Song’s strategic layout for Tesla’s future is all focused on this meeting, from R&D to development. It covers everything from the market to brand introduction, intellectual property licensing and chip design.
If all of these can be discussed, then Tesla’s alternative development route is entirely possible to succeed.
“We can talk about everything!” Zhao Song hugged the handbag tighter. He looked at Lawyer Tong and asked softly: “Lawyer Tong, is your team ready?”
Lawyer Tong thought carefully for a moment and then nodded gently. In his opinion, the plan was a complete joke. , I didn’t expect it to be possible.
Zhao Song nodded slightly and turned to look at Fu Jianxing, “Old Fu! My hometown is already empty, so it’s up to you! Th