ong, Senior A Ying’s friend is injured, so you will miss a few days of work to heal Master Zhong. Don’t neglect it.”

Zhu Chanchan looked at Xu Ying, astonished. She obviously didn’t know when Xu Ying had such a great reputation and could actually ask Jiang Qi to intercede.
She is a natural worker and is responsible for the entire Haojing restoration. If she stops working for a few days, Haojing restoration will have to stop and wait for her!
Xu Yingruo is just an immortal immortal who has lived long enough, so that Jiang Qi can pay such a high price to please him?
Xu Ying handed the big clock to her and said with a smile: “Zhu Tiangong, I will leave the clock to you.”
Zhu Chanchan picked up the big bell, called for An Qi, and said, “I still need the strongest flame!”
Jin Buyi stretched his head over and said with a smile, “What do you think of me?”
Zhuchanchan took them away.
Jiang Qi looked at Xu Ying and said with a smile: “I see that Senior A Ying’s brows are not furrowed. I wonder what’s bothering him?”
Xu Ying took a long breath, confessed all his troubles, and said: “I have seen the peerless Qi masters and the peerless Nuo immortals, and I know that I still have many shortcomings. I want to take a step further, but now I don’t know how to start. .”
Jiang Qi thought for a while and said: “I am not the most powerful person in Da Zhou. My strength cannot be among the top ten in Da Zhou. In the future, Da Zhou Qi practitioners will definitely cultivate both Nuo and Qi, and my cultivation strength will definitely be even stronger. I can’t get into the queue. I’m sorry that it’s hard for me to answer Senior A Ying’s doubts.”
Jiang Qi shook his head and said: “I am a great thinker. I don’t need to pursue strong force, just appropriate force. For me, wisdom is sometimes a hundred times better than force.”
He had the opportunity to practice Nuo Qi at the same time, but at that time he needed to practice to the extreme level in the shortest time and control the Tianzhu Sword before he could implement the subsequent plan to protect Emperor Zhou.
/Therefore, he had to give up this opportunity.
Jiang Qidao: “The vast majority of people just learn the skills and magical powers passed down from their ancestors. After practicing the skills to the ascension stage throughout their lives, they are already praised by everyone as geniuses. But in fact, the vast majority of people are just mediocre. What if If you can create one or two magical powers, you will be called a great master. Senior Aying, you have comprehended the Eight Sounds of Yuanyu, observed the heavenly runes, comprehended the heavenly powers, and studied the immortal runes. You have already surpassed most people.”
Xu Ying’s face turned gloomy and he said: “But those are all things I have done and understood in the past. I still cannot be called a master.”
Jiang Qi sighed: “But, what have you realized, how many people can’t achieve it in their lifetime?”
He shook his head, summoned a Qi practitioner from the Great Zhou Dynasty, arranged for Xu