come I am so dirty after it is poured on me?”

“It seems like the incense ashes from the copper furnace in front of the Buddha were mixed with water and sprinkled on you.” Lao Chen told him calmly that these were two eminent monks invited from the thousand-year-old temple outside the city. Because of his old age, Chen would take action personally only because of his face.
Wang Xuan looked at his dusty and dirty clothes, was speechless for a while, said goodbye and turned to leave.
/Wang Xuan was immediately excited. He had never seen so much money just after graduation. With such a sum to give to his parents, even if he left in the future, he would have a certain degree of security.
However, he soon calmed down again. Lao Chen first laid the groundwork silently, and then tried to lure him. He wanted to get him to go to Xinxing. Something was definitely going on and he couldn’t agree to go there immediately.
“Hey, am I still looking for feather fossils? There is something wrong with me now. If I find a few more pieces, will there be a few more old monsters in me? Fairies, monks, female alchemists, old Taoists, banshees, etc. , if we really get together, I don’t know what will happen!”
Wang Xuan sighed, he really didn’t dare to act rashly without solving the problem of the female alchemist first.
At night, the female alchemist appeared again. Wang Xuan had no choice but to say: “It’s useless for you to find me. I don’t have any say yet and can’t interfere with the affairs of the Daxinganling underground experimental site. It’s better for you to go to Lao Chen than me.”
I don’t know if the female alchemist was reasonable, but since he explained this, the night became peaceful. The female alchemist did not appear again, and he slept peacefully.
/It wasn’t until dawn that Lao Chen came in person and banged on his door, waking him up early.
When he saw Lao Chen’s appearance, he suddenly felt very strange. He wanted to laugh but held it back.
Old Chen had dark circles under his eyes and his eyes were red. He looked like he had not slept well. The most important thing was that his body was covered with talismans and his eyes were spitting fire. He could no longer remain calm.
“Tell me, what’s going on? Why did she bother me?” Old Chen gritted his teeth.
Wang Xuan was surprised and said: “How do I know? Maybe she has already understood that your words have more weight and are more effective than me. Otherwise, you can help her.”
Old Chen grinned, showing a smile that was uglier than crying, turned around and left, trying to find a way to save himself.
It took a long time for Wang Xuan to come to his senses. Was his problem solved just like that? The ups and downs of life are truly unexpected.
When he went to work the next day, Wang Xuan saw that Lao Chen had heavy dark circles under his eyes and was actually carrying a piece of gossip on his body. A quick glance showed that his clothes were covered with talismans.
“Old Chen, what’s wrong with you?” a colleague asked.
“I’ve been more interested in the Book of