his strength and successfully delivered the iron drill to the opponent’s heart. Unfortunately, the man was too strong and left an afterimage, but his shoulder was pierced and flew out.

The next moment, Wang Xuan detonated all the bubbles in the area, took advantage of the chaos to escape, and continued to escape.
The giant dragon roared, and its whole body was in great pain. After rolling over, its body glowed, and it continued to pursue him.
The short-haired young man, along with Ah Da and Ah Er, followed unhurriedly, and people from the rear also chased and surrounded them.
“Break through the barrier!” Wang Xuan was in a panic, desperately absorbing the dazzling golden slurry of creation, constantly swimming between the deep sea and the shallow sea, breaking through the barrier, and escaping.
/“It’s really good. This kind of creation material has excellent effects. Even after the myth decays, this material will most likely retain some of its extraordinary power!”
Someone said in surprise that just now Wang Xuan was briefly stopped again, swept by the dragon’s tail, and bits of golden substance flew out from his body.
“Come on, loosen it for me quickly and pry open the big barrier of Xiaoyaoyou Realm!” Wang Xuan whispered, breaking through the barrier while escaping. There is no other choice. Only breakthrough can change the situation.
He is convinced that in this special place, once he sets foot on a higher realm, he will not be afraid of these people and will truly change the world!
In fact, a war also broke out on the shore. Extraordinary rules were intertwined, making it even more terrifying, shaking the starry sky!
However, when the sea of ????light spread and tried to assimilate the extraordinary rules, the aura of the peerless strong man disappeared again.
Wang Xuan has studied enough about several supreme scriptures and various manuscripts of former sages. Now he is very urgent and continues to attack that big level.
He felt that he had absorbed a lot of the golden fluid of creation, and most of it had disappeared. In theory, he could break the barrier.
Soon, he realized that haste makes waste, and his state of mind was not peaceful enough. In the process of being hunted by the National People’s Congress, his mental fluctuations were too violent, which conflicted with some of the essentials of scripture.
“I am the only one in the world. What I see and feel are all illusions. Wherever there is a dragon, it is just a reptile that I made out of yellow mud.”
“There is no such thing as a silver-haired young man. It’s just a bubble I blew up with soap suds. It can be shattered with a snap of my fingers.”
“There are no heroes at all. They are just chickens and dogs that I drew on paper. It doesn’t matter.”
At the critical moment, Wang Xuan used the scripture about severely mentally ill patients without delving into its highest-level meaning. He only used it to brainwash and hypnotize himself, so that he could calm down and not be anxious.
At first, it was very effective and made him calm down. The