time, at the far end of the plain around the human city, groups, groups, groups, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of alien troops began to appear continuously. The giants’ Gundams The majestic body of seven to eight meters, or even more than ten meters, the ferocious and huge form of the Western Dragon Clan of the Celestial Clan, the unique wooden long bow of the Elf Clan, the luxurious armor they wear, and rows of snow-white unique The horned beast elf cavalry and the Sea Clan are all deformed sea beasts with different shapes but the same huge body. The ancient monster mounts unique to the barbarian race include Tyrannosaurus Rex and super large scorpions, which are tens of meters long and several There are centipedes with a width of 100 meters, ferocious war beasts that are so huge that they can carry dozens of barbarians, and dwarf royal warriors wearing black metal armor and holding war hammers as big as adults. Here comes the death knight legion that has been icy all the way, the great devil’s direct legion covered in flames that is incompatible with the death knight legion, and countless coalition forces of other races with different body shapes.

The most elite mortal troops of the eight powerful tribes all appeared here. There were tens of thousands of huge flying mounts of different shapes in the sky. They were so densely packed that they seemed to block the sky. They were so dark that they crossed over the ground troops and headed towards the humans. The city rushes madly
Compared to the hundreds of thousands of alien coalition forces, the green dragon controlled by Li Lian was like a grain of sand in front of them, as if it would be easily swept away and swallowed up. At this moment, hundreds of missiles appeared in the human city. The missiles trailing flame tails have all flown out in the distance around the human city.
Amidst the loud rumbling, these surface-to-surface missiles loaded with high-explosive bombs, thermal explosive bombs, and cloud-explosive bombs flew into the forefront of the alien coalition positions. In an instant, the entire earth trembled.
/At the same time, inside the human city, at the core of the military hospital, in a room guarded by dozens of soldiers with live ammunition, a seven or eight-year-old girl was soaking in a liquid treatment device. The room trembled visibly, and this shaking unexpectedly made the little girl frown slightly, and then those eyes, no, they should be three, actually opened on her forehead. There was a gap, and there was another eye inside!
/The little girl opened her eyes in confusion.
In order to cope with this decisive battle, the Human City has set up a total of three lines of defense.
As for the final and strongest defense line of the human city, it is directly huddled in the innermost part of the human city. Varimathras holds the Immortal Trap Sword. He is responsible for fighting against all the alien souls who break into the human city.
This team all possesses Soul Base’s rarest and most powerful energy weapons,