uch faster than the first time, and I felt a little emotional.

uch faster than the first time, and I felt a little emotional.
After glancing at the attributes, Lin Xin continued to slowly circulate his inner energy. A piece of spiritual jade was held in his hand, and the spiritual energy was continuously output and inhaled into his nostrils.
/Two more days later, there was finally movement in the camp.
Lin Xin was gathered early in the morning, together with other monks who were good at the Taoist Formation.
Hua Yunu was at the front of the team, stepping on his flying sword to signal everyone to follow.
“We have discovered the nest where the insect master lives. Please stay vigilant at all times. If you are attacked, don’t panic. Just attack together. We, the foundation-building monks, will be there to protect you.” Hua Yunu said loudly.
He exchanged glances with Dugu Lin, Su Wan and others beside him. Leading the team to fly along the trunk of the giant tree towards the core of the giant tree.
/“When did you find it?”
Lin Xin asked a talisman master next to him in a low voice.
“Master Lin, doesn’t he know? Senior Brother Hua came back last night to make plans with a few people.” The formation masters in the team have heard about Lin Xin’s reputation for a long time and admire him very much. After all, with such a low level of cultivation, he can still Being able to miniaturize the formation is not something that ordinary people can achieve.
“I heard that two giant fruits were found. The insides of the fruits were hollowed out, and there were obvious unnatural formations in the middle, so we gathered early in the morning to go there.”
“How to protect ourselves if we encounter a bug master?
“How about the hidden array?” ”
It might be useful if it’s a third-grade one. General hidden array.”
“I heard that insect masters can control many strange insects. Don’t think about how to hide, but think about how to defend yourself.
” He didn’t say anything and listened quietly to everyone’s discussion.
“I wonder what Village Master Lin thinks?”
Someone suddenly asked him.
Lin Xin pondered for a moment.
“With all the foundation-building senior brothers in front, and so many senior brothers and sisters on the outside to protect us, we only need to give them enough formation support in the center, and that will be enough.”
“What Master Lin said is absolutely true.”
“Yes, As long as we can support the outside as much as possible, it will be safer.”
Everyone agreed.
As talisman masters, what they are best at is using various talisman paper formations. They don’t have to go up to fight in person. Isn’t that simple just using the talisman paper formation disks?
While chatting with a group of talisman masters, Lin Xin led the people from the villa. As the team turned east and west, walking from one big branch to another, they soon approached two huge fruits next to each other.
The black fruit is like two huge pears, hanging in front of everyone, each one is equivalent to the size of a building. The surface is pitch black, with a small dark red circula