d the rules of heaven and earth were broken around him. As if he had broken through some kind of restraint, he smashed down with a pitch-black iron rod.

Thousand Hands is actually very terrifying, a real power of breaking the universe. He can blow away the stars with his breath. However, now his appearance is not good enough and he cannot keep up with the opponent’s speed.
Wang Xuan seemed to be returning to his true form and becoming the only way. His true form was majestic and boundless, and he actually looked down at the thousand hands at his feet like a child.
The 6-Breaking Power Thousand Arms was originally extremely majestic. With thousands of arms moving together, it could tear apart 24 levels of pure land and cut down 9 levels of heaven, which was quite terrifying.
But now, he went all out, and every time he jumped up, he was always suppressed by the opponent’s body, and his thousands of arms could barely touch the opponent’s knees.
This was simply a humiliation for him. He seemed to be trapped and unable to break out of this vicious circle. He jumped hard and barely hit the opponent’s knee. This scene was really eye-catching.
In fact, under his feet, the endless sea of ??stars went out, and at the front of his thousands of arms, countless galaxies were turning into ashes.
Fortunately, this refined universe belongs to the top true holy magic weapon type, and is inhabited by powerful beings. It is not inhabited by a large number of ordinary creatures. Otherwise, it would be a sin.
6 broke the mighty Thousand Hands, and the light of imperialism boiled all over his body. He held the holy object, waved his fist, condensed the seal, and hit Wang Xuan’s calf at the same time, but it did not have the desired effect.
/Wang Xuan lowered his head and dropped the stick, as if the road collapsed and the world was destroyed. The Thousand Hands below were shattered by the blast, hundreds of severed hands flew out diagonally, and then turned into blood mist and broken bones, which was quite tragic.
In the rain of light, Thousand Hands’ true form turned into feathered ashes.
The hearts of the powerful 6-breakers in the No. 3 local area sank. There was a mysterious master in the new mythical world that they had not recorded in detail, which exceeded their expectations.
“It’s so hard to kill!” Wang Xuan sighed. The vitality of the Lupo boss was so tenacious. It was connected with the mysterious avenue. Even if he was killed and exploded, he could still reappear in an instant.
His words really made the hearts of the powerful people present beat wildly. This evil star really wants to kill the Earth Breaker. He has such dark hands. Isn’t he afraid of a full-scale bloody battle between the two universes?
Wang Xuan went berserk and used the Great Journey of the Lu Breaking Realm to alternately appear between the Golden Spirit King and Thousand Hands at a speed that exceeded everyone’s imagination.
With the help of the causal destiny line, he can predict the area where they will materialize again after being destroyed