paper money.

Xu Ying had never seen this kind of heavenly rune before, so he hurriedly remembered it in his heart and studied it carefully.
He felt the majestic power of the primitive gods and thought in his heart: “The replacement plan of Heaven should be to eradicate the primitive gods such as Dongyue Beiming and Queen Mother of the West, rebuild the world of Heaven, and replace them with today’s gods. This is actually to control the heavenly catastrophe. In my own hands.”
The Great Emperor of Beiyin was still cultivating, so Xu Ying sacrificed his own cave. The three major Nuo ancestor caves circulated, and the secret lotus cave of Yongquan was directly connected to the other side of the Nether Sea.
He stood on Fengdu Mountain and looked into the distance. The place where the fairy light rose was the other side of the Underworld Sea.
“Don’t look any further. You can never cross from the Sea of ??Hell to the other side of the Sea of ??Hell.”
Emperor Beiyin said behind him, “I once wanted to land on this other shore, but no matter how I walked, I could never reach it.”
Xu Ying asked: “Then how did Brother Dao use hell fire to ignite the other side and refine the elixir?”
Emperor Beiyin took a deep look at him and said: “Do you have a three-life stone on your body, fellow Taoist Xu? This stone can recall the memories of the past life. Most of you, fellow Taoist, can’t remember what happened before. As the emperor of the Netherworld, I am the supreme ruler of the underworld.”
He hesitated for a moment. Although he was very powerful, calling him supreme might be a bit exaggerated, so he continued following these words: “The four giants can help you activate the Three Life Stones and restore your past memories.”
Xu Ying was surprised and happy, and quickly thanked him.
Emperor Beiyin said: “A good relationship is just a matter of forming a good relationship.”
Xu Ying took out the Sansheng Stone, and Emperor Beiyin asked him to lie down and rest his pillow on the stone.
/Xu Ying closed his eyes. Emperor Beiyin took out a green lantern, twisted a ball of fire from the lantern, and flicked it with his fingers. Xu Ying suddenly felt bright in front of his eyes. The fire roared away with him, and continued to the depth of time. Falling everywhere!
/The sound of fire falling to the ground could be heard in his ears. Where it landed was a bloody battlefield, with countless corpses piled up into mountains. Xu Ying found himself digging a hole with thousands of prisoners.
“The general has an order to kill and surrender the soldiers!”
When Xu Ying heard this voice, he turned around and saw the flag raised by Wu’an Jun. The 400,000 surrendered soldiers were beheaded, stabbed to death, and shot to death. They were thrown into the cave that Xu Ying and others had just dug out. In a big pit.
Under the banner of Wu Anjun, there are powerful Qi refiners and souls standing there, absorbing the murderous energy and vitality on the battlefield, and cultivating magic weapons and souls!
The voice of a Great Qin sol