ook for it, but they never found it.”

She paused and said: “There are rumors that when this treasure is in action, there will be thunder from the sky, and the thunder will roll, and you can see a dragon-headed god in the thunder. With this treasure, you can overcome the tribulation. Shake the heavenly calamity and ascend to the immortal world! I don’t know the reason why the Zhu family entered Yunmengze, but my Li family and Guo family entered Yunmengze because of this treasure. I married the Guo family and did not go to the Li family .”
The pipa in Zhu Hongyi’s arms half-hidden her face, and she said with a low smile: “Our Zhu family also came here for this treasure. That’s why we brought the old immortal with us.”
Li Yingzhu’s eyes fell on her and she said with a smile: “Not only did you bring the old gods, you also wanted to pull the immortal gods into your Zhu family’s chariot. Little sister of the Zhu family, your collar is too low. The rabbit is coming out!”
Zhu Hongyi had never seen this formation before, her face turned red with embarrassment, she quickly covered her face with her pipa, and escaped from Gian Qi’s head in embarrassment, thinking that she was going to change clothes.
Li Yingzhu quietly nudged Guo Xiaodie with her elbow, and said in a low voice: “I’ll help you get rid of the troublesome one. The rest is up to you. This is all I can do to help you.” After that, he put the little girl away. Butterfly’s chest was pulled downwards.
“Second aunt, if you pull again, you’re ready to come out!” Guo Xiaodie was angry and punched Li Yingzhu away.
/Li Yingzhu flew away with tears in her eyes.
Suddenly, the Yunmengze Lake ahead surged, and something huge flew out of the water. It was a giant fish, with two pairs of fleshy fins like four wings. The fleshy wings vibrated and flew on the water. It opened its big mouth and looked forward. The Nuo master on the road bit it down!
It closed its big mouth and made a dull sound, and the dozen Nuo masters from the Guo family in front were swallowed into its belly without even a chance to struggle.
The Nuo masters from the Guo family in the rear rushed forward one after another, using all their methods to land on the giant fish, but their fur was not even broken!
“It’s an adult ancient beast!”
Li Yingzhu and Guo Yue quickly rushed forward, opening the cave to fight the giant fish in close combat. The other great Nuo from the Guo family also came to kill them, but the giant fish opened its mouth and roared, and the invisible sound bounced everyone away in all directions.
The old man of the Guo family bloomed in the eighth level of the cave, and then blocked the impact of the giant fish. Everyone stepped forward to attack and beat the giant fish with bruises all over its body, but they were unable to kill it.
Seeing that it couldn’t fight them, the giant fish swung its tail heavily, swept away dozens of Da Nuo, dived into the water and disappeared without a trace.
This attack caused the death and injury of hundreds of Nuo masters in the G