could never get out of his palms!

“I like to collect some rare treasures. In the sea of ??chaos, every Yuanshi Dao realm is an unparalleled treasure. You see, there are many of them who practice other innate Dao, but they will always be overtaken by misfortune. , died in silence.”
The Holy Ancestor played with these Yuanshi Dao realms, and the existence of these Yuanshi Dao realms were like his dolls. From time to time, someone died under the Nirvana Sky Fire, but they would resurrect from the ashes the next moment.
Xu Ying and Zhenjun Daoji felt a chill in their hearts. This man actually refined these Yuanshi Dao realms into magic weapons. All life and death depended on his heart and were controlled by him!
But what made them look solemn was that the Holy Ancestor could actually bring these Yuanshi Dao realms back to life!
These Yuanshi Dao realms have cultivated different avenues and have all reached the highest achievements!
To bring them back from the dead, they must also bring their great avenues back to life. This means that the great avenues at the Yuanshi Dao level mastered by the Holy Ancestor are definitely more than just the avenue of annihilation!
“To me, the existence of the Yuanshi Dao realm is like a fly that lives and dies. They think highly of themselves and think they have the true meaning of the Dao. However, what they see is only the appearance, just the surface, and they have never seen the real truth of the Dao. appearance.”
The Holy Ancestor looked at these Yuanshi who had been refined into magic weapons with a joking look, and said, “When I meet a Yuanshi Dao realm, I will follow them, observe them, and watch them go from being arrogant and arrogant to when their misfortune comes. I will appear when they are most depressed, show them the Origin of Nirvana, convince them, and make them willing to be refined by me and become my collection.”
Xu Ying looked at these Yuanshi who had been refined by him, and felt awe-struck in his heart. There were actually a few of them whose aura was not inferior to that of Xuanyuan Great Heavenly Lord!
/“I collected them like this, and suddenly one day I realized the avenue of annihilation at the level of the sea of ??chaos. The avenue I practiced before was just the avenue of annihilation at the cosmic level, which was too insignificant. And I realized the avenue of annihilation at the level of the sea of ??chaos. , made me realize that there is a realm beyond the beginning. This is the sea of ??annihilation!”
The Holy Ancestor said, “I have understood this, but it is extremely difficult to achieve it. I have to destroy countless universes in the Chaos Sea and fill the Chaos Sea with catastrophes, so that the Chaos Sea can be filled with the energy of annihilation. I must destroy the Chaos Sea. Only when the sea is pushed into silence can we see the sea of ??silence.”
/He recalled the past and said with a smile: “I almost succeeded. Unfortunately, I met Master Chaos and was suppressed by him. But in the process of my pursuit of knowledge and explorat