known as the useless duo.

However, from the current point of view, he has definitely practiced hard, and relatively speaking, he is not particularly slow. Of course, it was mainly due to the environment of the Extraordinary Center. Also, he had obtained many rare objects and had enough spiritual resources to keep up.
The entire building was the headquarters of the company they founded. It was equipped with a magic circle. They brought Wang Xuan and Xiao Xiong into the office. Among them were bamboo forests, small bridges, flowing water, and clear lakes. They were well-proportioned and the extraordinary factors were particularly strong.
“The company mainly started with Lao Zhong.” Chen Yongjie introduced the situation.
“The old Zhong who was most afraid of death, who used to run away with the warship all night long?” Wang Xuan asked in surprise. The old Zhong who had returned to his youth was actually with them.
But his great-great-grandson Zhong Cheng was thrown into the Liuxia Star Territory by Gu and Jin and became the son-in-law of Gao Laozhuang.
Qingmu said: “Mainly because of the support from the direct descendants of the old masters, and because Lao Zhong is good at management, we have developed very smoothly. Lao Zhong and my master Liu Huaian have gone to other star regions to expand business and open up new routes.”
Wang Xuan kept nodding, as long as everyone is still alive, that’s better than anything else!
“When I saw you coming, I thought of the old land, those people, my children, and Guan Lin.” In the end, it was Chen Yongjie who didn’t hold back. He was fighting alone against a group of new masters in the decadent era. A resolute person who has never shown such a side before, he actually burst into tears.
He has become an immortal, but in front of his old friend from the mother universe, he does not hide the thoughts in his heart.
Wang Xuan understood it very well. Even he, when he looked back, how could he let it all go? Thinking of too many people.
In particular, Guan Lin has been waiting for Chen Yongjie since she was young, and it was not until he was in his fifties that the two finally came together.
Of course, they relied on the Earthly Immortal Spring to restore their youth.
/Wang Xuan sighed. Back then, Guan Lin worked in the relevant security department and helped him a lot. At that time, he affectionately called her Sister Guan.
Unfortunately, after the extraordinary decay, no one can change the fate of ordinary people. She passed away long before Chen Yongjie set out on the road.
“Put it down and be more open-minded. Your descendants are all very good.” Wang Xuan comforted.
“What’s going on at home?” Aoki also expressed his true feelings, unable to let go.
“Everything is fine, your juniors are all very good.” Wang Xuan informed the situation in detail.
They are sentimental, sad, and have too much reluctance.
/“I didn’t expect that we could meet again in the new universe like this!” Qingmu said, and went to wash his face, no longer have red circles under his eyes, and wanted