t, safe enough at night, and more importantly, he is remotely sensing the outer universe, capturing the charm of other extraordinary civilizations, improving his own foundation, and dealing with the grass, the hourglass, and the possible new unknowns while breaking the limit for 5 times. Preparation of holy objects.

In the past two days, he has been in high spirits. Through the remaining Taoist rhyme of the old universe, his mind has wandered too far, and his mind has become more peaceful and enriched. This is a rare enjoyment on the road of cultivation. He can feel that his body and spirit are slowly transforming. , naturally became stronger.
Here he remotely senses the sky, and in one breath, he can see the birth and death of the top civilization in the starry sky in the passing Tao Yun. To capture the fragments of rules and improve himself, isn’t this a hundred times better than fighting and killing?
If he had a choice, he really didn’t want to quit his wandering state.
/But now, everyone else is coming, and he has no other choice.
In an instant, Kong Xuan, the Prowler King of the Divine City, under his supreme will, the White Sparrow, the Twelve-Star Golden Ladybug, and the Star Demon jumped down from the tower.
Then, monsters in the city rioted, and suddenly they rushed out!
The team of true immortals who entered the city were really shocked. It was just like Wang Xuan’s feeling earlier. When they were outside the city, they didn’t see a few prowlers, but everything changed after they came in.
Now, all the tall buildings and hidden spaces are open. Rotting behemoths, overwhelming birds, poisonous dragons, and densely packed divine insects, etc., like surging tides and dark clouds, the whole It was like “smashing” it.
Although the disciples of the true saints from other places were very strong and experienced hundreds of battles, they were still scattered due to the impact. It was so unexpected that they were directly buried by monsters.
In an instant, a fierce fight broke out between the two sides, and many monsters were shattered and destroyed. This was because the core disciples of each religion were leading the way, and each family was led by one or two 4-time limit breakers.
The divine city is huge, and victory is determined by quantity. The real rotten dragon, the ant king like a hilltop, and the mutated group of poisonous insects all went crazy and rushed forward.
In an instant, the battle started and it entered into a fierce battle. After the two sides encountered each other, there was no reason to argue. They could only fight to destroy each other.
From the bottom of his heart, Wang Xuan didn’t want to fight with other religions.
Neither he nor Wujie Mountain, who has an irreversible relationship with him, should fight with this group of people. The only ones who truly determine the life-and-death relationship are Guixu, Guangguangtian, Paper Temple and so on.
But now, the other party was trying to take over his territory, and it would be impossible without a fight. He thought about it, and