k away the opponent, and the main soul is not destroyed, so just replenish the arrow!

Another bright petal flew out, and was injected with a wisp of Wang Xuan’s spiritual aura, just like the soul blooming. With a pop, it was pierced by the fiery little arrow and exploded. This time, the little petal was full of runes. The arrow also shattered and disappeared into the void.
In the present world, the huge and boundless Western Heaven stands in the universe. Only the sleeves of his robe can hug a large number of stars. He frowned and said: “Strange, have you killed him? The sense is very vague and he cannot be captured alive. The light of the soul and the God-killing Arrow , it should have hit him, where was that?”
Wang Xuan felt extremely distressed. He didn’t know if he would ever encounter the rare objects in Zhensheng’s backyard in the future. Now, before he could find anything, he lost two petals inexplicably.
Without saying a word, he immediately went to fish for scriptures. Not only that, he wrapped up everything that could be swept away in the quiet room, not even letting go of the papyrus that left Xitian’s insights and thoughts.
“I have to peel you off!” After Wang Xuan finished fishing in the quiet room, he controlled the fishing hook and went to other places. At least all the thunder fruits he saw had been picked.
“There may be good things, but we have to go!” The mobile phone strange object reminded him to go back to the original starry sky to stabilize the west sky, otherwise he might suspect and notice something.
The golden vortex appeared, and Wang Xuan immediately rushed in, and soon appeared in the Donglin District of Liuxia Star Territory.
“What is wrong? Why do I feel strange?” On the altar, Xitian frowned deeply. Is it related to the issue of his life and death?
As a foreigner, especially since he is good at divination and can sometimes see fragments of the future, he is naturally most concerned about his own safety.
/He stood here for the time being, without any other action, observing his own destiny.
“This scripture is a good thing.” Mobile Phone Qiwu said.
Naturally, he couldn’t understand any of the words recorded in it.
However, as long as you watch the direction of those characters, their meanings will become apparent. This is the simplest and most essential embodiment of Taoist rhyme. Each character has a soft spiritual imprint. Even if the years pass and are passed to different civilizations and ethnic groups, they can still be preserved. read.
“This is a scripture related to the spiritual realm.” Wang Xuan was moved. After reading two pages, he knew its main purpose and the fields it involved.
“Such a strange book is a priceless treasure, what a good thing!” He exclaimed. There is no doubt that the scriptures that Yiren Xitian has been studying all year round are definitely extraordinary.
/In Wang Xuan’s hands, he already has a scripture that is highly related to spirituality, such as the Dafa of Psychiatry. It talks about the only true thing about the self, which can be call