Once Qingmu and the others went underground in Daxinganling, they never returned. There was no news for a long time.
/Wang Xuan’s life became quiet, and Lao Chen gave him special approval and a long vacation. He had a lot of time to study old skills every day.
He was also looking through the Dao Zang, not to dig out any inheritance from it, but just to understand some code words and proper nouns, so as to further understand the secrets of more ancient times.
/During this period, he went home and had a deep talk with his parents, saying that the company saw his outstanding performance and was planning to send him to Xinxing for further studies. The place and opportunity were rare and he did not want to miss it.
To his surprise, his parents were very supportive, without any sadness or reluctance, and all the words of comfort he had prepared were of no use.
He thought about it for a while. From his childhood to adulthood, his parents seemed to have always been like this. They were a little big-hearted and never had any worries about separation.
This also gave him a sigh of relief. If his face was full of tears and he couldn’t eat, he would probably hesitate and not go on the road for a long time.
Soon after, Qingmu began to summon Wang Xuan, telling Wang Xuan that he had been tortured so hard that he truly felt the pain of his master at night. He could not sleep every day and was struck by lightning!
He explained that he suffered the consequences of being a fish in a pond and died.
The female alchemist’s methods of leveraging the present world are becoming more and more astonishing, and she launches large-scale “spiritual lightning” attacks on everyone in the underground experimental site.
The scientific researchers from Nova did not believe this at first, thinking that it was an hallucination caused by some kind of super-material factor. The most advanced instruments were transported from Nova for screening and detection, recording observations and research.
Moreover, neither Ms. Zheng, the founder of the Origin Research Institute, nor some people in the old land want to end the experiment, and have high hopes for the continuation of longevity.
Obviously, either the people at the scientific research institute will carry out the experiment to the end, or the female alchemist’s methods of intervening in the world will be further improved, allowing Ms. Zheng of Xinxing and some people in the old land to “experience” it personally.
For a time, this matter was in a deadlock.
Wang Xuan was not in a hurry and waited slowly for Lao Chen and Qingmu. He was studying the old techniques and practicing the old monk’s boxing skills every day.
More than a week later, he received several letters from far away places.
“Old Wang, I have established a foothold here. Due to some coincidence, I have the opportunity to recommend you to others. If successful, I can operate you until the new moon.”
In the letter, Qin Cheng provided him with an address, which was a branch of a Xinxing company in the old land, and asked him t