errifying mythical winter is coming!

“Will this earthquake knock many people down to the mortal world?” Wang Xuan can imagine that after the extraordinary apocalypse arrives, those practitioners will be very miserable.
/Some people will be completely knocked down from the clouds to the ground, and will never be able to rise again.
Zhang Jiaozu said solemnly: “This is good, and it can be considered intentional. The earthquakes again and again make the extraordinary people, the gods and immortals who enter the world fall into the realm again and again, and there is a transition. Otherwise, directly When the last moment comes, a violent final blow will kill many extraordinary people!”
If there hadn’t been earthquakes one after another, the moment when the myth would be forever silenced would suddenly come, and the extraordinary moment would disappear. Many people would not be able to adapt. The extraordinary origin in their bodies would instantly fall apart, and their lives would collapse. It would be extremely miserable.
The ancestor of the Nether Blood Cult said: “Even if this happens, some people will die, but in the end it is much better than concentrating all the major earthquakes until the last moment and feeling the catastrophe of world destruction when the sky collapses and the earth collapses.”
The problem is far more serious than Wang Xuan imagined. People will die after the extraordinary end, and many people will die.
“Looking at it this way, gods die, immortals are destroyed, and the gods and Buddhas in the sky disappear into smoke. Is this the real and cruel ending given by the universe?” Wang Xuan felt heavy in his heart.
Originally, Shinhwa was lonely, and it was speculated that it would be more than a month away. However, if the final decisive battle breaks out in Super Jueji, it is very likely that in the next few days, everything will be over.
The brilliance will disappear, and the eternal winter night will cover the extraordinary sky. The ebb tide will be far faster and more violent than imagined, always beyond expectations, and every time it will be earlier than the time node deduced by people.
In the great barrier, the war finally broke out!
The Xiaoyao boat is rushing towards the sky, tracing back time, reversing the yin and yang. That kind of scenery is terrifying. Is it tracing back history? The two originators of Chaojue Palace and Gouchen Emperor Palace are driving it, as if they are rushing to the ancient times!
This sight frightened many people, and the gods were trembling. Is this the power of the treasure? It is supreme. Who can resist it?
Can it really go back in time to kill people? !
The two of them are not going to kill Fang Yuzhu, looking back to ancient times, but they are going to kill that madman Shang Yi!
Xiaoyaozhou is worthy of the name of treasure and has torn the sky of history.
However, madman Shang Yi was so terrifying that he was forced to reveal his true form, holding the human sword in his hand, and his blood was steaming, flooding most of the barrier