ed like he had seen through him.

Sure enough, the man on the wall spoke again: “Boy, you have a dark heart!”
Then, one of his arms emerged from the wall, still in a shadow state, and came to pat Wang Xuan on the shoulder, which almost knocked Wang Xuan to the ground.
“Okay, don’t scare the child.” The woman on the wall said, stopped him, and pulled the arm back to the wall.
Wang Xuan wondered whether these two people were the demon lord’s parents. They seemed consistent, but he was afraid of a big trap and deliberately misled him.
“How are you and Fang Yuzhu doing?”
What are these words? These two people are actually concerned about this issue. Weren’t they just talking about the black-hearted little cotton-padded jacket?
Wang Xuan was suspicious for a while. Are these two really Yanyan’s parents? Are they really the pair of extraordinary Taoist couples he guessed?
“Sister Yuzhu is very good. Like Sister Yanyan, after getting to know each other, they are very easy to get along with. They are not airs like peerless immortals at all. They are gentle, decent, generous and dignified. They both like to cook by themselves. I have eaten The dishes they cooked with their own hands are truly delicacies on earth and delicacies in the fairy world!”
Wang Xuan kept testing on the way to death. He just wanted to know what the relationship between these two people was with the two peerless fairies.
Here the ghost monk listened to his nonsense and became mute throughout the whole process. He made up his mind not to participate and say nothing.
The little white tiger also has a strong desire to survive. He is as quiet as a cat, with his round face drooped, as if he is asleep, successfully achieving self-isolation.
“They cook the food themselves, how big your face is!” The shadow of the man on the wall indeed had a bad tone and was in a bad mood.
“Which of the two cooks is delicious?” The woman still had a good temper and asked gently and peacefully.
/“They are all delicious. Sister Yuzhu’s dishes are lighter, and Sister Yanyan’s dishes are mainly rare meats. They are very gorgeous.” Wang Xuan said calmly, but in his heart, there was already a sound of wind and rustling. Cold music.
The man on the wall wants to touch him again! Her hands were stretched out, and the moment they were about to touch his shoulders, the woman pulled her back.
“If you were asked to choose between these two people, how would you choose?” The woman on the wall actually asked such a question, which was a bit unexpected. Is this still a choice?
Although Wang Xuan was frantically testing on the way to death, he never thought about this, because he and the two peerless fairies seemed to be standing in two different worlds, and they were currently far away.
“I have a question for you,” the man said.
“The relatives around me said, don’t do multiple-choice questions.” Wang Xuan hurriedly stopped him. This was induced by the other party again. There was residual law intervening, and the other party was beyond imagination.
“That is to say, choose t