o doubt that this was impossible to succeed at the time, but as an “ancient scholar”, it would be a failure if one’s own historical pore projection was tried to be summoned without being noticed, and Zaratul was definitely a senior , an excellent “ancient scholar” with rich experience.

After such a doomed summons, Klein established a connection with Zaratul.
This is the tacit understanding among “ancient scholars”!
And a “Miracle Master”, a “Secret Attendant” can make his own historical pore projection react positively, just like every “ancient scholar” who borrows power from his past self has 100% success. .
/In other words, Klein and Zaratul were short-lived allies in their fight against Amon.
Based on these factors, Klein believed that he could summon Zaratul in one go, and the facts proved this.
Because of this, he was not worried at all that Amon would steal the historical pore projection he summoned, and even hoped that the “Angel of Time” would do so.
Why did he give out the idea of ??committing suicide before summoning Zaratul? It was just to let Amon steal his thoughts. And Amon is the king of angels who is willing to try and pursue excitement. In a situation where he has too many choices Next time, the theft will most likely not be repeated. It will no longer be about stealing ideas, but about stealing the conjured historical pore image.
This is one of Klein’s few trump cards.
In the next second, Zaratul’s eyes changed from dull and rigid to smart, and he suddenly had a real feeling.
Obviously, this “Secret Attendant”, a senior “ancient scholar”, has entered the historical pore, allowing the projection of the same era to gain its own consciousness!
The Zarath projection, which had its own consciousness, cast its sights firmly and decisively on Amon without hesitation.
/Amon squinted his eyes with and without the monocle at the same time, seeing frequent lightning around him, and the barren plain with many ravines suddenly became void and dark, dotted with bright stars.
He seemed to be pulled under the stars by Zaratul.
This is a miracle.
The projection opposite Amon has turned into a huge mysterious vortex formed by twisted worms. They extend transparent tentacles all around. Just seeing it will make people lose their minds and go crazy.
At this time, Klein abandoned the rest of the ideas in the queue, seized the opportunity, controlled a monster in the depths of darkness, and transformed it into his marionette.
Immediately afterwards, he and Marionette exchanged positions.
After arriving in the depths of darkness, Klein reached out again and grabbed the air in front of him, grabbing several times in succession. His marionette also made the same move.
Finally, he pulled out a new figure from the void.
It was Arianna who was wearing a simple linen robe and a bark belt, with long black hair hanging down, bare feet, ordinary facial features, and dark eyes.
Abbess of the Night Monastery, leader of the ascetics, “Servant of the Secret”, angel on earth, Arianna.
As soon as Arianna appeared, he