They had previously passed by this planet in a stone city, and there were many large fish flying in the sky living on the planet.
Xu Ying frowned slightly. He was floating on the edge of the planet. He didn’t know where the main continent of Yuanshou World was.
/“Master Qi, rescue Jiang Qi as soon as possible, otherwise we will be lost in the starry sky.” Xu Ying ordered.
An Qi mobilized the activity of Ni Wan’s secret treasure and injected it into Jiang Qi’s body to help him treat various physical injuries. Dazhong was busy helping him calm down all kinds of scattered consciousness.
If the consciousness is disordered, it will be difficult to wake up. Regulating his consciousness is very helpful for him to wake up.
Xu Ying looked around, trying to find a way back to Yuanshou. Suddenly, his eyes fell on the dragon-headed god’s shoulder. There was actually a hand hanging on the dragon-headed god’s shoulder.
That was the palm of God Long Yuan, which was cut down by Jiang Qi just now and did not fall into the gap of time and space.
Xu Ying stepped forward, raised the hand of the god, flew down on the palm of the dragon-headed god, put the big hand down, and looked at it carefully.
There are no palm prints on the palm of the god like normal people. The palm prints on this hand show a texture like bird seal script and insect script.
“Something’s not right.”
Xu Ying was surprised, looked at it carefully, and whispered, “God, is it really a naturally born god? If it is a naturally born god, then why are some of the bird seal and insect inscriptions on his body wrong?”
He was puzzled. In this short moment, he found eight typos in the bird seal and insect script on the palm of the god!
How could there be so many typos in a natural creation?
“God is a man-made thing!”
Xu Ying was inexplicably shocked. The god who lived in the world of heaven, controlled the artifacts of heaven, controlled the fate of all living beings, and controlled the channels for ascension, was actually a man-made god, not a natural god!
/“Moreover, the level of education and knowledge of the person who created the gods does not seem to be that high. He is probably a young man.” He thought to himself.
Xian Qi said that illiteracy cannot be called illiteracy. If you write the word “illiteracy”, you are not really illiterate.
Writing illiteracy as zhangyu means you are truly illiterate.
At this time, a group of huge fish in the gaseous stars nearby discovered the huge dragon-headed god, and swam over one after another and gathered together.
The long fins of big fish are like wings. They can soar in the air by waving their fins. However, they cannot swim out of the atmosphere. If they swim to high places, they cannot swim out of the planet.
They were like fish trapped in a glass ball, staring at the extremely small Xu Ying and others with pairs of big eyes, as if they wanted to taste the taste of these tiny existences, but they couldn’t get out.
Being stared at by these behemoths, Xu Ying was also a little uneasy. He was about to step