At this time, at the Huang family, Professor Lin ended up fighting with Huang Jinglin at his invitation.
In Qin Cheng’s view, Huang Jinglin’s invitation to fight in this way was tantamount to uncovering Professor Lin’s scars. He was the one who pierced the professor’s chest back then, and now he is fighting again?
/“Lin Mengliang, it’s a pity that we fought when you were severely injured by thermal weapons. Now I feel that your vitality is strong and far better than before. I am deeply gratified. Let’s have a fight.”
In the field, there seemed to be muffled thunder blooming between the two of them, and the wind of fists stirred up, causing all the fallen leaves on the ground to fly up and explode in mid-air.
After many fist-palm collisions, Professor Lin’s palm shone slightly, shattered Huang Jinglin’s arm, and slapped him on the chest, but he withdrew some of his strength in time.
Otherwise, with his current strength, he would be able to punch through the opponent’s chest!
Huang Jinglin’s sternum was broken, and he flew backwards. He kept vomiting blood. He was a little unbelievable. Is the difference so big?
He is already a master at the quasi-grandmaster level. If he has not yet become extraordinary, he is considered a famous figure in the field of old arts.
“Not only have your old illnesses disappeared, but you have also become a master?” He was very unwilling!
In fact, after more than three months of training and taking the Earthly Immortal Spring, Extraordinary Royal Jelly and elixirs, Professor Lin naturally recovered and achieved a breakthrough.
Everyone who participated in the exchange meeting was in a daze. Many people knew that Lin Mengliang had recovered, but it was really shocking that he became a grandmaster!
If there were no extraordinary beings, this kind of person would be considered the top master of this era!
Someone sneered, his name was Huang Jingfeng, he was Huang Jinglin’s cousin, he was almost seventy years old, but his hair was all black and he didn’t look old at all. He was the one who was lost in the blessed land.
After more than ten years of practicing in the extraordinary world, he has never died. In addition, he has taken many magical medicines, and he is already an extraordinary person!
How could a person who regarded himself as orthodox in the old arts be defeated? Huang Jingfeng could hardly help but take action, and walked forward with a cold face.
At the critical moment, his uncle Huang Xinghai stopped him and signaled him not to be impulsive.
“Hey, Lao Wang, where have you been? There was blood in the martial arts competition. It wasn’t Professor Lin, it was him who beat the opponent until he screamed and was covered in blood.”
Qin Cheng was talking on the phone there, and the voice was a bit loud, and everyone attending the exchange meeting heard it.
People were speechless. Although Huang Jinglin was defeated, where was his cry of pain?
Huang Jinglin got up from the ground and wanted to kick him to death. He thought to himself, “Did you