l this matter, but the police were an exception.

l this matter, but the police were an exception.
After all, they pointed at each other to solve the case and get their things back as soon as possible.
/“Don’t worry, there is surveillance at the entrance of Alfred’s winery. I have already taken the surveillance tape. You just need to compare it and point out who it is, and you will be able to solve the case quickly.”
Lartiki looked at the five big and three thick men, but he was very surprised . thin.
“But you are really at a loss. If you can make it to the hotel, then these things will be valuable.”
Lartiki said, turning around and laughing.
Sun Hao immediately understood the meaning of his words.
It’s the same thing as losing money and losing your passport, but if you can get a few shots, it’s worth the money.
But he immediately denied what Lartiki said.
That meow is prostitution!
Is he that kind of person?
Does he need it?
The pace of life in Italy is slow and the police are busy.
Lartiki chatted with them for so long in the car because he was really free.
And a funnier thing is that because they know the police’s peeing habits, many people don’t report anything if they throw something away.
Therefore, the police will keep in touch with many winery owners and farm owners in private.
The road was a bit long, so when they talked about prostitution, Lartiki even complained to them.
Italy’s style ranks first in Europe.
When it comes to the affairs of the medieval court, several big books can be written with eloquence.
Prostitution was not only allowed in this country before, it was also very popular.
Not only the princes and nobles, but also the emperor engaged in prostitution.
There’s even a disease that’s been with the country for centuries, known as the “Italian disease.”
However, the reality is that instead of having a positive effect, this law has actually made this behavior more rampant.
In the past, it may only be in certain places, but now it has evolved directly into apartments, hotels, and even cars.
It is no exaggeration to say that there must be at least 70,000 to 80,000 practitioners in Italy.
It’s impossible to catch so many people.
The Italian government chose to be an ostrich here and bury its head in the soil as if it didn’t see it.
The police below them also turned a blind eye to the situation.
This is why it seemed normal for Lartiki to discuss this topic with them.
And the more relaxed it is, the more indulgent it is. The Italian industry is so famous that many practitioners come from abroad, and the proportion of local people is becoming smaller and smaller.
“You are lucky, you met an authentic Italian woman.”
When Lartiki said this, Sun Hao and Fernandez looked at him in unison.
You must be a regular visitor!
Lartiki coughed dryly for a while, and he seemed to have let something slip.
/After chatting all the way, when they arrived at the police station, Lartiki sat down and started writing notes.
Don’t tell me, this seems to be just chatting, but I learned the ins and outs of the