they still lack a starting small forward!

they still lack a starting small forward!
But in the current situation of the Lakers, the only things they can trade are minimum-salary players and draft picks.
/Moreover, in order to trade for Sun Hao, they had given away the first round and two second rounds next year.
As for the future, the Lakers management will also consider it.
O’Neal will grow old after all, and they don’t want to give away the “future” so early.
Sun Hao, on the other hand, suddenly remembered Christie who greeted him that day.
Christie’s style of play is similar to that of the “Octopus” Diamantitis of the Greek team whom he met in the Olympics before. He is the kind of all-around player who can play the three positions of PG/SG/SF, and he is also excellent at defense. .
Although he has aged and is no longer at his peak, there is still some oil in his mailbox.
However, the possibility of the Kings trading him to the Lakers is too low.
Putting aside the transaction value, the management of Toronto and Orlando, which O’Neal complained about before, is something that other teams generally can’t do such as nurturing enemies.
Two people were chatting.
At this moment, Sun Hao’s phone vibrated.
It was Rich Paul who sent him a message.
Sun Hao picked it up and looked at it. It was indeed a deal, and it was a big deal.
Just not from the Lakers, but from the Bulls!
Bulls, reached a deal with the Knicks.
They sent Francis, the core of the team, and acquired next year’s first-round pick and Anfernee Hardaway from the Knicks!
Hardaway has one year left on his contract, and he has long lost his former All-Star strength. This is basically an expired contract.
Or in other words, he is just a deal breaker.
The core of this deal is that Francis exchanged a first-round pick from the Knicks!
Kwame Brown was tepid in Houston, and Francis ended up being a first-rounder.
Nearly four years have passed, and the Bulls’ deal to exchange Francis with the second pick was a complete failure.
With this deal in front of them, the Bulls are once again entering into ruin and reconstruction.
As for the Knicks, they already have Marbury in the team, plus Francis, this is to form a “golden double gun in the backcourt” and continue to hit the playoffs.
Well, New York hasn’t had a taste of the playoffs in four whole years!
The last time the team played in the playoffs, it was the year Sun Hao first entered the league!
In fact, when Sun Hao saw this news, New Yorkers were having a carnival celebration.
/They have never had an All-Star backcourt combination in their history, and they firmly believe that the combination of Marbury and Francis will bring glory to New York.
Sun Hao was silent for a long time.
He now truly believes that some things are meant to be.
The combination of Marbury and Francis has historically formed such a double backcourt for the Knicks.
But it’s not a “golden gun”, but a “cancer in the backcourt.”
Now it’s just that this toxic combination is ahead of schedule.
Sun Hao, after chatting with O’Nea