ers were also smart and knew how to stay in danger. They also knew that they could easily be captured if they were crowded together, so they hid in different places. Hull did not intend to let anyone here go. He was worried that if one of them escaped, someone might be reminded of the pool if he continued to trace it.

Under the pursuit of blind sense, no one can escape his perception. What reassures Hull is that the old janitor is always handcuffed to the stair door, so that he does not have to worry about accidentally injuring one of his own people.
With blind sense, facial features cannot be seen clearly, so it is not easy to identify a specific person. However, the characteristics of fat people are more obvious. This guy locked himself in a place with no windows and dragged two police officers as bodyguards to sandwich him in.
Hull somewhat admired this guy’s thoughtful thinking. Now it seemed that this person would suspect that there was a secret hidden in the pool, and it was not just luck. His mind was indeed quite clever.
If it were in the past, Hull would try to make friends with such a guy, but it’s a pity that this person can’t stay.
With an explosion that shook the printing house, the door of the utility room turned into flying fragments, and the people inside, without exception, were all covered with holes, like honeycombs, and they could not die anymore.
This explosion also caused the other police officers to run out of their hiding places in a swarm. Since hiding would inevitably lead to death, some people chose to escape. Unfortunately, no one saw a slender thread, like a living snake, flying in the air on its own. Swimming in a twist.
This filament started from the last person and gently wrapped around that person’s neck. There was no sound, only a line of blood shot out, and the person’s body and head gradually separated in the blink of an eye.
/Killing one person is just a matter of a split second, and the filament immediately floats towards another person.
Everything was so strange, especially in the eyes of the old concierge who was handcuffed to the staircase railing. He saw seven or eight police officers rushing out of the main building of the printing factory and running towards the door.
But starting from the last police officer, one by one his head was missing, but no one could be seen chasing them. The whole process was so fast that the last police officer who had his head missing fell down. While on the ground, it was still far from the gate.
The old man had never seen such a terrifying and weird sight in his life. He suddenly fell to his knees on the ground, curled up, muttered words, and prayed devoutly to all the gods he knew.
/After dealing with all the police officers in the printing shop, Hull casually packed up the tools such as chisels and hammers and threw them into the space ring. After doing all this, he threw a repair scroll at the edge of the pool. The places where the pool wall was cut open and the ground was smashed gradually closed up and restored, as if nothing ha