e omnipotent.”

“I can come forward and convince several leaders of the second-tier clubs.”
“Then I will be responsible for communicating with all friendly countries to prevent one-party dictatorship from happening in Asia.”
“Yes, this is necessary. We can give up power, but in parliament, we must have seats.”
“If the economy collapses, military spending will definitely be the first thing to be cut.”
“I can contact the Army Department to prevent those simple-minded and short-sighted soldiers from working for the opposition party in vain, but in the end they get nothing and push themselves into a pit of fire.”
“I can try to squeeze out some supplies. If the krona depreciates significantly, giving supplies is the best way.”
There was a commotion below again, but this time Foghosillo did not bang the wooden hammer in his hand. He secretly winked at the chief royal advisor and several other people.
The meeting soon ended, and everyone went to do their own things. The sound of cannons getting closer and closer indicated that their time was running out.
But after all the carriages left, several carriages circled around and finally stopped in a restaurant not far from the city hall.
Due to martial law, there was no one here at all, only the gatekeeper on duty, an old man who was deaf and mute, but he recognized Congressman Foghosillo.
“It’s absolutely safe here.” Old Foghosillo said while leading the way. He took the others into a box.
After everyone sat down, Old Foghosillo rubbed his drooping cheeks and said: “We are all old friends here. There is nothing to hide between us. Let’s be honest, we can all see it. , if we don’t throw out a scapegoat, I’m afraid the opposition party won’t let us off easily.”
No one picked up the topic, but everyone here knew that the so-called scapegoat must be Rambert.
/Seeing that no one spoke, Old Foghosillo simply asked: “Does anyone object? If no one objects, it will be regarded as acquiescence.”
This time there was still silence, but the answer was very obvious.
“Is this enough?” Old Fergusillo asked.
The others looked at each other, and then they realized how subtle the combination of the real roly-poly’s invitation was. Everyone here was not in a confidential position, and there was not a single cabinet member.
Suddenly, the chief royal adviser had an idea. He sat up straight and asked: “Congressman Foghosillo, you are not just representing yourself, are you? We want to know who is standing behind you? Yes. The whole parliament.”
Of course Old Foghosillo knew that at this time, going around in circles was the most boring thing, but he did not intend to show all his trump cards.
“It’s just some of them,” said the elder Foghosillo.
“Are you going to sacrifice others?” asked the youngest person present.
“How is this possible?” Old Foghosillo secretly scolded the man for being an idiot: “This will offend too many people, but just handing over Rambert as a scapegoat will definitely not pass the test. Rambert will not order the killing. Everyone knows that those who