definitely draw his sword to seek justice.

“Xianzi Chang, this fellow Taoist is Tian Mingzi of the Wuliang Sword Sect. As you have seen, he is basically dead.” Someone in the group of leaders reminded him kindly.
Chang Qingyu’s eyelids twitched wildly, and she took a deep breath: “Masters, the spies from the Qintian Prison have arrived, and the army will arrive soon. If you hesitate any longer, you will never leave in the future.”
/Everyone was silent. King Yan was extremely aloof and arrogant. He would rather betray the world than let the world betray him. No matter why Qin Tian Prison came, a bloody storm would definitely be inevitable.
I don’t want to die, so I can only break it into pieces and follow Chang Qingyu away.
But after leaving, he was put on King Yan’s wanted list, but he still ended up dead.
“Seniors, I understand what you are thinking. I will talk about the future later. For now, let’s think about survival first!” Chang Qingyu sighed and stopped pressing.
Zhao Qin has been a bit uneven in the past few hundred years, no, in the past thousand years.
Not only Zhao Qin, but also in any country or force, as time settles and the power changes and iterates, there will be overt and covert struggles.
Zhao Qin is unfortunate. King Yan controls the government. He is either a great emperor or a great emperor. He dominates the world by one person. Anyone who disobeys will be killed. Countless monks in Zhao Qin tremble in front of him.
Zhao Qin is also lucky. King Yan is unparalleled in talent, cultivation, and governance. He is so outstanding that no one in the entire Jiang family can compare with him. Without him to support Zhao Qin, the building will collapse and Zhao Qin will live for thousands of years. Zhao Qin will not be able to maintain itself. great power status.
Some time ago, King Yan wanted to abolish the throne and set aside the throne. The Jiang family royal family could not bear it anymore, and the conflicts that had been accumulated for thousands of years were ignited. In the moment of the explosion, the whole territory of Zhaoqin was burned.
If we don’t want this battle to develop into subjugation and civil strife, we can only fight it quickly.
This is the intention of both parties.
Chang Qingyu was ordered to arrive in Nanqi to gather knowledgeable people to fight against the rebellious King Yan. He realized that there were hidden dragons and crouching tigers in Xiaoqian Mountain, and his ancestors had been wealthy before, so he made a special trip here to win over people.
/Not as famous as meeting him, I am very disappointed.
“I’m asking you, did you just say that my Infinite Sword Sect was dead? Do you think you can deceive me by pretending not to say anything?”
Lu Bei raised his foot and kicked it out, broke it with a snap, and coldly snorted: “But even so, I thought it was so powerful. Today is a small punishment, so I’m sorry you don’t dare to say anything rude.”
Chang Qingyu:
The Wuliang Sword Sect that was famous all over the world in the past is really dead.
After a