not rebellious. These two brothers are ugly to begin with! Don’t you two have a new son and don’t want me anymore?”

Let me tell you, this is impossible! I am the eldest son, and I will run away from home if pressed! ”
The vicious threat not only did not scare Hudson, but made him laugh uncontrollably.
/Threatening to “run away from home” is too childish. These are all leftovers from his play.
“If you want to leave, just leave, I promise not to stop you!
Your father doesn’t have many other things, he just has many sons.
Without your worry-free eyesore, at worst there will be hundreds or eighty substitutes in the future, there will always be a few worry-free ones! ”
While talking, Hudson let go of little Franz and put on a show: If you want to run away from home, hurry up and don’t waste my time.
His eyes looked pitifully at Melissa, but unfortunately his eyes asking for help could not activate maternal love.
“Little Franz, if you really want to run away from home, I can’t stop you.
Bringing these pastries is a token of appreciation from my father and me. Once you leave the Lord’s Mansion, you won’t be able to eat anymore! ”
Melissa said jokingly.
Apparently, she didn’t take the threat to her son seriously. With his little arms and legs, it was a miracle that he could even walk out of the Lord’s Mansion.
The miserable cry seemed to move the heavens and the earth. Melissa couldn’t bear to speak, but was stopped by Hudson’s eyes.
The good mood of having two more sons has been ruined by this guy. How can I not teach him a lesson?
If we don’t take care of it now, there may be farce of running away from home in the future. Of course, in Hudson’s view, this is also a small probability event.
If the family is poor and has no place to stand, there is a real possibility of a tragedy in the world where the son will never come back as an adult, but he has a large amount of inheritance here that he can inherit.
If you can escape from this, then you are a fool. It’s better to leave, to avoid being played to death.
“Hudson, little Franz is so funny. Anyway, you have so many sons, so why don’t you give him to me!”
Before the cub could finish speaking, Hudson hurriedly interrupted: “Bear Stearns, if you want a child, just find a female bear to give birth to you. Don’t make trouble for me here!”
Facing Bear Stearns’ caring eyes for the mentally retarded, Hudson’s face became increasingly gloomy. I was so angry that I forgot that this guy in front of me was still a baby.
Based on the lifespan of the Earth Bear, Bear Stearns is as old as a human baby who has not been weaned.
Even if the strength and mind are matured in advance, the body is still in its infancy. Letting him give birth to a child is simply embarrassing the bear.
“Stupid bear, if you want to take care of a child, you go find Maxim!
He has so many descendants, even if he changes one every day, he doesn’t have to bring the same one!
He doesn’t want to take responsibility anyway, so you are doing your best as a friend by helping him take care of